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The Courthouse {Part I}
About 10 years ago, this beautiful old building {that we affectionately call The Courthouse} went on the market.  In our tiny little town this used to be the original police-station/courthouse and residence. It sits on 1 acre of land and neighbours our litt...

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Kindred Friends {Part VI} Ness Lockyer {10 years in the making}
Well last but definitely not least, Ness Lockyer.  This enormously talented, beautiful soul with a wonderful eye for detail touched my heart through her love for renovating a beautiful old home in Tasmania.  I think even though Ness and I have never met in ...

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Kindred Friends {PART V} Elizabeth Maxson {10 years in the making}
Over 10 years ago I bought a Romantic Homes magazine that featured an article about this immensely, talented lady and I felt a strong urge to contact her to let her know how she inspired me through her images of her retail shop.  We formed an instant friend...

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Kindred Friends {Part IV} - Kimberly Taylor {10 years in the making}
Some people just touch your heart in ways you really can't describe and Kimberly is definitely one of those people.  I fell in love with her photography, her great love of her family, farm and food and really noticing all the simple joys this world has to o...

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Kindred Friends {Part III} - Jeanne Oliver {10 Years in the making}
She calls herself an introvert by nature but she truly shines so bright and touches so many lives with her eye for beauty, a heart for people, her talented artistry and her love for her family.  I had been following her journey for a little while when I lef...

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Kindred Friends {Part Two} Ten Years in the Making
I fell in love with Sara's blog straight away.   The beauty of her home, her exquisite photography and her fearless fight to be a mumma.  Everything about this blog touched my heart and I feel extremely blessed to call her friend.  Over the years I have mad...

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Wednesday thoughts - the beauty of old with new
As I sit in my 1880's cottage and the beautiful sunlight filters through the very old window in my atelier room, I smile because it is my little world, the world I have lived in now for over 20 years... I think I have made it pretty clear that I love pinter...

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Kindred Friends - Paige Knudsen {10 years in the making}
On the 5th of March I will have my 10 year anniversary of blogging.  I think one of the most amazing things is the beautiful inspiring people I have met on this journey.  So over the next few weeks I am going to share some of the extremely special friendshi...

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The start of a new year !!!

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October - moving forward, creating once more ...
I was thinking today how very lucky I am to be able to create, to be able to do something with my heart that hopefully touches someone else's in some way or form.  I love finding pretty sayings to make the collage that I put on instagram and facebook , usua...
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