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Microsoft Connect()l; 2016 keynote now live - if code's your thing, go have fun.

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Damn, this is good.

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Found this funnier than is okay, I'm sure. Definitely worth reading the "spec" below the comic as well. 

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Can just imagine the scenario - exasperated techie is asked, for the nth time, why something doesn't work until he eventually blurts out "I don't know, it's bloody Voodoo, okay!" 

To which some problem-solver with a fantastic sense of humor goes ahead and hires a witch to sort it out. 

(Note: title's a tad misleading, she says she's been hired to do this. Still, as far as clickbait goes, fine - have your click.)

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Listening to Sebastian Thrun at the Accenture Innovation Conference - really fantastic. #accentureic2015

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Pretty much my favourite thing on the Internet today.

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Would definitely like to build one of these.
ChronodeVFD #Steampunk VFD Wristwatch  by “johngineer”

That's one good looking watch :)
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I thoroughly enjoy each music video Lindsey Stirling posts. It's always something creative and energetic, she's a goddess on that violin and dammit, can these people dance!

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The video in this article is just fantastic. Best 7 minutes of my week, so far. Japanese advertising at its best.

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A nice initiative from Microsoft - personally, I'd like to see this program expand to include more products.

I'd rather go for Linux myself, but I like how they're making it possible to use legal copies of their software for people who might not usually be able to afford it. Affordable software stops piracy, DRM definitely doesn't.
cough EA cough Ubisoft cough

All told, I like it.
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