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Pratishtha Khan
356 breakfasts in 365 days!!!
356 breakfasts in 365 days!!!

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See You Soon!
This was long overdue, actually. This last year, and maybe even more, I grew out of the blog that I had so lovingly built and nurtured, and which you all so beautifully accepted and loved back. It has always been a process, and a large part of it is to let ...

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Back in August
"Love," he whispered, "is a tiny window, a very ephemeral opening, into a Neverland, dark and scary and magical and unfathomable... all at once. It will suck you into this deep river of infinite uncertainty that will soak you, drown you, cleanse you, destro...

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Trying To Remember
Sleeplessness. I don’t know if that’s the first thing you are left with when an epiphany hits you. But it’s happening. I guess it’s been unfolding these past few months. Or maybe even been calling out to me these last couple of years. But, you know, stuff h...

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An Italian And A Chinese Walk Into Indian Kitchens
This March was a month of madness, really. I felt that I had
fallen through the Rabbit Hole, and pretty much felt like Alice in Wonderland
through every day of the crazy month. Took a Breakfast Masterclass, shot some
recipe videos, and flew out to Delhi for...

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A Breakfast A Day - Masterclass at Star Bazaar
Breakfast Evangelist. I don't even remember how that bit got started, but I wear it now with pride and a wide smile. I try, in my own small way, to remind you all why you should not be missing the first meal of the day. I experiment with recipes, I explore ...

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Dinner at NRI - It's Not Really Indian
I often hear people talk about how the Indian food in restaurants abroad isn’t quite “Indian” in the true sense. Much like the contentious Cold Play video that is allegedly a cultural appropriation, as viewed by the urban Indians. That’s because the “Indian...

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A simple breakfast recipe that my family keeps asking for - Uttapam Pizza!

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Reliving A Favourite - Uttapam Pizza
One of my fondest memories from college is raiding the lunch box of one of my classmates whose mom made the most delirium inducing Uttapam Pizza. She always had to pack a few extra, because the hostel dwelling gluttons would otherwise not leave enough for h...

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A Loft By The Sea - Samit Basu's Home
It’s not immediately obvious, but spaces do have feminine and masculine qualities. Being a woman, I am always fascinated by interior styles that are a reflection of a man’s personality. The similarities are more defined when it’s a single guy’s space, as th...

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Craft DBB - For The Love Of Food
Food is kind of the key to my existence. I don’t mean it merely in terms of mere sustenance. It has a paramount role to play in my happiness and overall well-being. It’s almost a part of who I am. I love connecting with my friends and family over elaborate ...
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