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Electronic Product Design
Electronic Product Design

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Circuit and product design archive -
+delabs Technologies has Electronics Engineering Products

delabs is a One-Person Operation and has no representatives or agents.

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Door access controller with Biometrics
(an old email thread from my mailbox)
I am trying to design a 4 door access controller. I have a complete working board of fingerprint scanner with DSP for fingerprint verification and authentication.

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TTi - Thurlby Thandar Instruments

Designs and manufactures advanced electronic test and measurement equipment. Products they make include Power Supplies, Programmable power supply, Function generator, Arbitrary generator, Pulse generators, RF spectrum analyzer, DMM, LCR Meter and harmonic analyzers.

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Battery Analyzers and Test Systems - Cadex Electronics

They design and manufacture Battery analyzers, chargers, rapid-testers and monitoring systems. They also create custom test solutions in Power Electronics.

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Dynamic Schematic Editor - Spectrum Software

A Schematic Editor with Active Simulator oriented towards RF and Communication Circuits. Good support for Power Electronic Devices and Circuits like IGBT and Mosfet.

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Aldec - EDA and Design Verification

Leading Electronic Design Automation company. Provides solutions for design creation, simulation and verification. These aid the engineer in the creation of FPGA, ASIC, SoC and embedded systems.

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Electronic Projects for 8051 Development

8051 development suite is a virtual sightseeing tour through 8051 lab of Martin. Dual Slope ADC - A low cost circuit to measure voltages with a precision up to 14 bit.

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MyCPU - A Computer made of Logic Gates

Look no CPU! - Built with MyCPU which is made of discrete logic gates as the Bricks. Homebrew Computer for Education and Experimenting.

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MEMS Products from Axetris Leister

Micro-technology products and sevices. MEMS based ultra compact mass flow meters and controllers, modules and systems. MEMS based broadband infrared (IR) sources.

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Glew Engineering - Technology Expertise

Consulting Service for the semiconductor and microelectronic industry, FEA modeling, mechanical, electrical & materials engineering applications.
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