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Oh, yes, I went here.
Oh, yes, I went here.

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A new compilation! 

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Hey, G+, long time no see.

Trying to find a speech this guy did about Internet flashmobs...he accumulated a few incidents and morphed them together into one big story, did it at some sort of stand-up event. It's a  few years old now. Does anyone know which one I mean? Even better, a link for it?

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Wordpress is being a pain in the hole so I'm just posting this here. New compilation!

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Chaosium breaks the sad news that Lynn Willis passed away today.

He played a key role in the refinement and balance of the Basic Roleplaying system, which makes him one of the crucial designers of RuneQuest and Call of Cthulhu, as well as the other lesser lights driven by BRP. He also co-designed the Ghostbusters RPG, which is the second-best licensed RPG ever created, and incidentally provided the die pool architecture for Shadowrun and for the White Wolf Storyteller engine.

He also played a key role as shepherd and guardian of Call of Cthulhu for its first twenty years. My personal favorite edition of the game, the Fifth, is his final statement on what the game should contain, and contains probably more Lynn Willis text than it does Sandy Petersen text; Lynn's text amplifies and illuminates Sandy's brilliant core while leaving the central game design clear and explicit. Indeed, much of the moral power of Call of Cthulhu comes from Lynn's careful writing; much of its vast flexibility in play style and even adventure approach flows from the books he edited in the line thereafter. His last great Call of Cthulhu product as Line Developer was Chaosium's last great Call of Cthulhu product: Beyond the Mountains of Madness. Every Call of Cthulhu product you've ever loved from the first edition to 1999 exists because Lynn Willis made sure its text was coherent, made sure its gameplay was sound, and made sure it got to print. And there's a strong possibility that the thing you like best about it was added or correctly shaped by Lynn, not by the credited author.

An enthusiastic reader with a wide range of interests, he also helped inaugurate and shape Chaosium's fiction line, which by itself probably saved the company at least once.

He didn't do the convention circuit, so I only met him a couple of times, at the Chaosium offices. He very much liked a few ideas I pitched him, but sadly my pitches coincided with one of Chaosium's dry economic spells, so we never got to produce the massive Undying Mars campaign setting we both dreamed of. He was a gentleman, funny and interesting, and I regret the emails we never exchanged and the talks we never had more than I regret the game book we never produced.

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Any Scrivener users out there who can help with the following?...

Tried to run a game on last night and it crashed the computer. Turned the PC back on today and Scrivener won't let me open my current project. Can't restore from backup as I keep getting an error message (see pic). 

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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Yup, the smirk revealed a lot. What a disaster he would be for America and the world.
Increasingly clear: not only does Romney have no shame about lying, he has no shame, period. Take a look at The Smirk, too, captured as he left this despicable statement to reporters -- the context makes the smirk just vile:

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Guys, have you ever wanted to be on the crew of a starship?

Wait, stupid question. EVERYONE has.

Well, did you know there's a game that lets you do it? I grabbed +Annie Gaus, +Roger Chang, Esther Inglis-Arkell, +nate bolt, and +Jon Sung and we tried to defend a quadrant with a battle cruiser. 

Spoilers: I am the worst captain ever.

Just happened upon the following in Klaus Kinski's autobiography. Sometimes I forget how funny it is. 

"Claudia and I have a week off. But I can't fuck her during that week because her husband is visiting, and she has to let him fuck her."

Kinski is my all-time favourite sociopath.

Er, Google? Could you please remove my celebrity VIP sidebox thing as soon as you can? Do not want. At all.
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