Once again I'm toying around with skill systems for a game idea.

I'm tossing around ideas related to my Static/Signal cyberpunk setting, (see link) and wondering about really focusing the list down towards the type of gameplay I want the game built around.

The concept is that players are "ghost agents," the deniable assets megacorps hire to kidnap, sabotage, and assassinate, and the game is built around those missions.  The important skills are those that are used on missions: sneaking, fighting, lying, hacking, running, etc.

I also want the game to be somewhat fast to setup and play, which means I'm leaning away from full skills and towards something close to FAE, but I want something more directed than the Quick/Forceful/Flashy/etc of standard FAE.

I'm looking at a small skill list that mechanically functions like FAE's approaches (six of them at +3/+2/+2/+1/+1/+0).  They might be most similar to professions, but because this is Cyberpunk, I want them to have some style too.

Combat - used for physical conflicts. Martial Arts, gun fights, etc. Use Aspects and Stunts to focus on particular types.  Used for both offense and defense.

Sneak - Covers the various sneaky abilities & dexterous based abilities, including hiding, picking locks, pick pocketing, trailing, noticing alarms/concealed security systems, etc.  When the cat bugler dances through the laser tripwire grid, it's Sneak.

Tech - covers Hacking, driving, repairing vehicles & drones, drone command, etc. Hotwire maglocks, disable security systems, intercept communication signals, etc. Complex technical knowledge, including medical knowledge that involves complex systems/scanners/etc are included here.  Good for viewing an MRI scan, but not so much for field dressing a bullet wound.

Meat - How strong, tough, athletic, and healthy you are. Defense against being drugged, for example. Probably where I'll put first aid and  basic medical knowledge, although that might end up in combat too.

Street -  Your reputation and contacts among the outsiders (the people who live outside the megacorp enclaves.) Diplomacy, negotiation, and intimidation based on the social standards used by gangs, organized crime, neo-punks, and semi-squatters.

Corp - Your reputation and contacts among the corporate citizens. Diplomacy, negotiation, and intimidation among the corporate drones and the jet-set that rule them. Useful for getting a bonus on your mission or fast talking your way past a corpsec greenzone guard-post.

My choices here are intended to down play combat skills (it's all a single skill) and play up societal issues (two social skills for the two main societal groups in the game).  I'm basing this concept a bit on Leverage, which is in many ways a modern version of the typically more high-tech cyberpunk formula.  Everyone in the group should be generally able in most of the skills, but each having their own specialty, reinforced with aspects, stunts, and gear.

Note: The lack of Resources is intentional. I have an entirely separate set of mechanics for dealing with gear and wealth, which are extremely important to the cyberpunk feel I want.

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