Static/Signal Cyberpunk thought time.

Today I'm thinking about a Response Ladder for the GM to use on Missions.

The idea is to have a set of Aspects arranged in a Ladder, so as the Ghost Agents (PC) provoke security responses from their target, you move down the ladder with new Aspects coming into play.

The length and contents of the ladder would vary by mission target. Really this is just a tool for the GM in planning and running things. What is the escelation protocol the guards/target will use.

Here's an Example:
Business as Usual / No one here but us janitorial bots (Depending day vs night)
Something Strange Is Going On
Alarm Triggered
REAPER Squad Inbound
REAPERS Shoot First And Ask Questions Latter

In theory, players would progress down the ladder as things go wrong for them. If the Pretender blows her cover and the guards become curious as to what exactly she was trying to distract them from, move from Business As Usual to Something Strange Is Going On. If the Breaker trips an alarm in the vent he's crawling through, go to Alarm Triggered. When the Liquidator and Ronin wipe out the first wave of guards that respond to the alarm, the site goes into Lockdown! If the Players blow a hole in the wall to access the secure safe, go directly to REAPER Squad Inbound. If the players are still around when the Rapid Enforcement Assault Patrol Empanoplied Reinforcements arrive, they will be in for a tough fight.

Many missions will progress right down the ladder as needed, but just as often player actions will result in skipping steps. You might make it deep into the Corporate Complex before a guard catches you unaware. The guard grabs his radio and yells "Intruders in Sector 3!" before you can stop him. You've just jumped directly from No One Here But Us Janitorial Bots to Alarm Triggered or even Lockdown, depending on situation.

Of course the ladder can be shorter, or more aggressive, depending on site. A Yakuza drug den will look very different from a Corp Debtor's Prison which will look different than an Executive's Arcology Penthouse.

Each step on the ladder is an Aspect. Moving down the ladder is likely from Failures or Success at cost... or blatant obvious actions that invalidate the current active Aspect. Explosions and gunshots are not Business As Usual, for example.

This is separate from the Traces mechanic. These things are happening now and change the local dynamic, while traces left behind are an issue later.

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