Some thoughts from my Static/Signal cyberpunk setting project.

Individual weapon names are Gear Aspects, but they all include a Brand Name as part of that aspect.

There are 5 main brand names, and like the Borderlands video game, each has a known schtick:

Jaeger Arms are known for their quality design and manufacturing, not bells and whistles.
Parent Megacorp: Württengraff Konglomerat (WGK)

SubScan weapons are made with "scanner proof" non metallic parts, and are often made with rounder edges and styling.
Parent Megacorp: Tamahagane Industries

MAXforce weapons are big, intimidating, loud, and essentially overkill. Automatic shotguns with ammo drums. Assault rifles with somewhat crazy weapons as under barrel options, etc.
Parent Megacorp: General Automation Corporation (GAC)

RetroTek weapons lack smart systems, but are made with modern materials and methods. Favorites among traditionalists, people afraid of hackers, and cheapskates.
Parent Megacorp: Xìngyùn Kleinwall Group (XK Group)

Homefront weapons are packed full of extra electronics, specifically safety systems intended to keep you from shooting some by accident or having your own weapon turned against you.
Parent Megacorp: Virtuality Systematics (VS or “Verses Tech” on the street)

The idea is to pass along more information about the guns in their name/gear aspect.

If I say I have RetroTek .44 Magnum Revolver, I don't need explain its offline and immune to hacking.

Not all weapons are made by all brands. There is no such thing as a non metallic coil pistol for example, so no SubTech coil pistols or rifles

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