So let's talk about the depiction of reaction enhancement in Cyberpunk, and how to do it in Fate games. Yup, more thoughts from me from my Static/Signal game.

Using technology to enhance people's (or dogs) reactions & hand-eye coordination shows up in several cyberpunk works including The Sprawl Trilogy, Snow Crash, and Altered Carbon. It's also a potent mechanic in game systems like Shadowrun and Eclipsephase, where it provides extra actions to the enhanced.

I want nothing so powerful in my Static/Signal, but I do want replacing the spine with Superconducting electronics to be a combat enhancement some very dangerous people have.

Here's my current thinking: Turn order is determined by applicable skill in a situation. Typically the same skill for everyone.
If you happen to be a Liquidator (killer) with a Superconducting Spine implant, you get to go first in Combat scenes. If more than one person has reaction enhancements like that, they all go according to relevant skill(s) and then the enhanced go. Everyone still has only one turn.
Of course, the implant, like any bit of combat chrome, is an aspect. You can invoke it (or be compelled by it) normally.

Other Ideas I'm considering:

+2 to Combat when you use that skill to determine turn order.

+1 to Combat when used to defend, and when used to determine turn order.

Start each scene with a "Enhanced Reaction Speed" Boost.

When you invoke this Cyberware implant for additional speed or reaction, gain a +3 instead of a +2.

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