You know the drill: Cyberpunk "Static/Signal" etc.

Still thinking about character creation. This time: starting gear.

As a recap, Static/Signal will use simple gear aspects for most equipment, while potent/expensive gear is handled under a separate Big Score system that is more similar to refresh & stunts.
Under the roles concept, the Big Score item comes from the role selected, but one of the roles is essentially "Pick your own".
Under the Cyber Addiction rules, characters can convert Refresh into Big Score cyberware, so a player interested in being heavily chromed can do so too.

But what about all the other basic gear a character should have?

My thinking is that players can select one bit of standard gear for each Aspect.  In theory the gear and the aspect should be linked, and there is no price restriction.

In practice, the lack of price restriction might be a mistake, so I could see putting caps in place (3/2/1) for some of the aspects.

I could also see not giving out gear for the Trouble Aspect.

I also think each character should start with 2k "spending" money, but using it on any gear has to happen in play.

That would mean:
High Concept: Standard Gear item (no price limit)
Trouble Aspect: No gear provided
Aspect 3: Standard gear up to 3K
Aspect 2: Standard gear up to 2k
Aspect 1: Standard gear up to 1k
One Big Score item
Up to 2 bit of Big Score value cyberware at the expense of one Refresh each.
2K walking around money.

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