A few more ideas for my cyberpunk Static/Signal game floated up from the depths of my mind today.

I was thinking about tools on the GM side for developing and running missions.

A couple of thoughts occurred to me:
1) Cyberpunk missions are a lot like heists & cons. Oceans 11 with cyborgs and heavier firepower. I'm actually ok with making a game where combat doesn't always occur, depending on the plan.
2) I'd like to take advantage of Fate's improved levels of player input in forming these mission plans.

So of course I re-read CrimeWorld from Fate: Worlds In Shadow, but I also started to think about hypothesis mechanics from Atomic Robo RPG: Where players come together to determine what is actually going on instead of simply discovering what the GM has invented.

I'm thinking there might be a fun team based "The Plan" mechanic where players each add one Aspect into play, eventually forming The Plan (also an aspect). I also picture this as something the GM is involved in, probably linked to a CrimeWorld style guide to mission creation. I also think it should/could heavily involve Compels from the GM, as a way to front load missions with Fate Points and get greater character depth.

Here's how I think it could go at the table:
The GM invents a Target, Client, and Security in advance.
When game starts, and the players have accepted the mission, they do some leg work to form The Plan, and the GM secretly forms The Twist.
The players then attempt to execute The Plan, where they collide with The Twist.
The players overcome The Twist.
The players get Paid.

I'm figuring the mission structure will borrow from the concepts in CrimeWorld, where broad concepts are grouped into types (Mark, Box, etc) with aspects and "skills"

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