Static/Signal Cyberpunk brainstorming time.

I'm inspired by Deep Dark Sea here, so let's take another look at character creation.

In Static/Signal the players are all Ghost Agents, mercenaries working as a team to complete corporate espionage missions. One of my personal design goals is to play to a strength of a mission game: that player characters can shift between missions. If your group is stable, that's great, but if sometimes someone can't make it or if someone wants to try out a new character, well the team is hired by the Fixer for mission, and the makeup of the team can vary widely depending on the mission. (It's something I found useful in Shadowrun. Our group had lots of flux, and everyone had a few characters they liked playing depending on the mission.)

We replace High Concept with Role. You're on the team for a reason: you have a particular set of capabilities that are valuable on missions.
The roles are defined by a few Archetypes:
Liquidators (killers)
Ronins (bodyguards/enforcers)
Pretenders (grifter/ "Face")
Breaker (thieves)
Overseer (robot/drone controller)
Your Role Aspect encapsulates not only which role you are but also what kind and style or that role you are. It doesn't have to include the Role in the name, but it should be clear what your role is from the Aspect. For example: Consummately Professional Killer is clearly a Liquidator.

Next up is Trouble, which works just like it does in Fate Core.

Then we have Backstory. Where is your character from, and what drove them into this life? "It Beats a Debtor's Labor Camp" or "Betrayed the Wrong Executive" or "Raised on the Redzone Streets" or "Ex-Military Turned Merc" would be examples.

The next aspect is Motivation. If backstroy is how you ended up working as a Ghost Agent, Motivation is what keeps you going now. In particular, why are you trying to get all this (blood) money? "Someday I'll Retire to a Tropical Island" or "Revenge Doesn't Come Cheap" or "Doing the Right Thing For Profit" or "I Want All The Shiny Toys" or "Paying For My Husband's Medical Bills"

Lastly is Distinction: Which is any additional aspect you'd like. What do you bring that sets you apart? "Vera: My Most Very Favorite Gun" or "My Brother The CorpSec Detective" or "Tough Bastard With The Scars to Prove It"

Stunts are arranged by Role instead of skill, along with some recommended Big Score, gear, and skill picks.

Characters get 2 stunts, and a big score pick. They can also pick out 4 items of standard gear, but each of those times must relate to an Aspect (and may be price capped.)

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