More thoughts from my Static/Signal cyberpunk setting.

Today some thoughts on character creation.

Ghost teams tend to have roles that people fit into.  The hacker, the enforcer, the face, the thief, etc.  If your not familiar with cyberpunk, consider heist and crime films: Everyone involved has a particular set of skills that is needed for the plan.

I'm considering addin a Role concept to character creation.  Everyone picks a particular role from a list at character creation.  That role provides one of your starting stunts, and a thematically appropriate choice of Big Score options.  The Hacker get their deck. The Transporter gets a heavily modified van, the Pretender gets skillwires, the Liquidator gets CAT Eyes, etc.

Players still pick their Skills, Aspects, other stunts, maybe more chrome, etc.  The roles are just their to focus the characters a bit and help them fit into the team.

Roles might include:
Hacker (hacker)
Liquidator (killer)
Transporter (driver)
Overseer (drone commander)
Pretender (grifter/skill monkey)
Breaker (thief)
Ronin (enforcer/bodyguard/brute)
Face (social/negotiator)
? (generic role for unique snowflakes/people that don't like boxes/roll their own)

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