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Heather O'Malley
A little crazy, a little over educated, a lot of fun
A little crazy, a little over educated, a lot of fun

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OMG!! I can remember how to do this!

Strawberry fields forever.

I am an idiot. We stopped at an awesome cheese steak place and I like a doofus forgot my damn purse. The upside is tomorrow I get cheesesteaks. The downside is I have to drive back to Philadelphia. I am an idiot.

Just finished my 1 year post-surgery exam. I passed with flying colors. Apparently I have been very successful with my dilation and have more depth than usual. That's me the overachiever.

Didn't make the shortlist for the Lambda Literary Awards, however I am still happy that I was even in the running.

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Look, I can actually blog, sorta.

Despite being sick and feverish and feeling like I are in complete ass, Cindy and I voted. Now is the time on sprockets when we fall down.

I walk into the Murfreesboro va for travel pay and info and I walked out on a board of directors for an LGBT equality care team. Qua?

The Shelbyville rec center is really nice. The pool is excellent and it has far more stuff than I was expecting

I am sad about Alan Rickman. He was an amazing actor and I loved him in everything I saw.
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