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Ashley Sullenger
Mommyblogger, wife, and momma of 4
Mommyblogger, wife, and momma of 4


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News Article
A news article was released this weekend on Preslee's 6th Angelversary. It's about Preslee and our family.  I have big plans and dreams for this blog, as well as for Preslee's legacy. I've finally been inspired to take a leap of faith and make it happen. I'...

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Three months after Preslee died, a deep dark hole seemed to engulf me. The darkness was consuming and terrifying. My head was suddenly filled with doubts, and I truly thought I could never be happy living without my daughter. My husband grieved so different...

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We Can Do Hard Things: Devani Keyser- Death of a Parent
Meet Devani and her mom, Yvonne
Kinghorn. Devani’s mom was first diagnosed with cancer when Devani was only 4 years old. Then again, just five
years later. Ten years went by and all was well until July
of 2015, when Devani’s mom was diagnosed with cancer...

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We Can Do Hard Things: Tessie Friedli
Meet Dakota and his mom, Tessie. Dakota was born healthy and active. When he was 2 years and 3 months old, a fence panel fell on top of him which left him unable to breathe. No one was next to him when it happened and due to the lack of oxygen, he couldn't ...

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Our first broken bone... I'm sure the first of many.
What a week! As I was creating this post, I realized I had a whole lot of pictures and videos I wanted to include, so I pulled out my rusty skills on windows movie maker to create a short video. For those of you who want to read the entire story, it's poste...

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The Sullengers
Hi friends!  We've recently created a FB group, a space  where it's easy to share uplifting content. Our goal is to inspire a community who supports one another and reminds each other that we all can do hard things.  In this group, I hope to share and discu...

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‪#‎WeCanDoHardThings‬ Today I'm sharing Cate's perspective on raising her little boy, Jett. He was diagnosed with regressive autism just before his second birthday. Love to all you moms/dads with children who have special needs. I think the world of you.

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We Can Do Hard Things: Cate Johnson - Special Needs
Meet Jett and his mom Cate. Seriously, how cute are they? Cate's little boy Jett, was diagnosed with regressive autism
just before his second birthday. He developed completely typical until that
point. It has been a devastating beautiful road for her litt...

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Happy Monday! A good friend recently shared a grief related
article on Facebook. It’s a little different than other articles I’ve read, the
author compares grief to having another child to take care of. Her anaolgy made
perfect sense to me, and its conti...
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