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Apparently I am a pangolin!
The practical sort, you know just when to curl up into a ball to thwart predators.
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Ray Briggs II

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Join the Pony Express to deliver 100 letters! #GoogleDoodle
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Lot's. Of fun, but like Mario game, I have no skills. I only got 10 letters!

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Why should you see a family doctor? Because your #HealthIsPrimary. #MakeHealthPrimary #FMRevolution
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Tim Duncan and Coyote. Classy as always. 
SB Nation
Ah, preseason basketball - very relaxed atmosphere. No one is really too excited. The games are not much to write home about, not a lot of special moments. But then this happened at the preseason...
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Someone gave me a Bacon Bowl maker for my birthday. This weekend I put it to good use. 
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It works great. Crispy bacon bowl each time. 
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It's that time of year again, time for NBA pics. NBA playoffs is my favorite time of year, as long a the Spurs as still playing. 
The West will be a bloodbath this year and the first round will be no exception.

1 Warriors v 8 Pelicans
Two teams with next to no playoff experience. Warriors are the better team but I think they drop 1 in NO.
Warriors in 5 (The Gentlemen Sweep)

2 Rockets v 7 Mavs
Texas showdown between two teams, players, owners that just HATE each other. The Rockets have some of the whiniest players on the planet when it comes to calls and we all know how Cuban feels about the refs. This series will get ugly fast. In the end Dallas doesn't have the perimeter defender to stop Harden...
Rockets in 7

3 Clippers v 6 Spurs
Thanks to NBA's idiotic seeding we are getting what would have made a great WCF in the first round. Fix it Adam Silver. I bet neither of these teams wanted to see each other this early as they exploit each others weaknesses pretty well. Pop is one of the best at slowing Paul and you know he will get a healthy dose of Kawhi and Green. But Griffin/Jordan are going to provide real problems for Spurs inside, especially without Splitter. I expect Baynes to foul out at least 2 games. I think Spurs depth and experience prevail but this series is scary for every Spurs fan. Jordan will also break the record for FTs in a series.
Spurs in 7 (yes, close out on the road)

4 Trailblazers v 5 Grizzlies
Even if Blazers were healthy, which they are not, my money would be on Grit and Grind. Grizz were 4-0 against Blazers and I expect them to make short work of Blazers as Spurs did last playoff season.
Grizz in 5
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Ray Briggs II

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It's that time of year again, time for NBA pics. NBA playoffs is my favorite time of year, as long a the Spurs as still playing. Let's get the boring conference out of the way first.
1 Hawks v 8 Nets
Not even worth discussing. Nets don't belong in playoffs. Sorry Thunder.
Hawks sweep

2 Cavs v 7 Celtics
I keep hearing how people think the Celtics can compete in this series. Those people are wrong.
Cavs Sweep. 

3 Bulls v 6 Bucks
The Bucks play great D but I can't see them coming up with 4 games against Chicago. Bucks push Bulls but ultimately fall.
Bulls in 6

4 Raptors v 5 Wizards
This is the series to watch in the East. Raptors have a great offense and play no D. Wizards can't string a consistent offense together but play great D. I think Raptors offense prevails b/c Wizard rely too much on Wall at end of the game.
Raptors in 7
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Ray Briggs II

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Hey All. I haven't posted in forever but I play ever day, especially with the new super hero stuff. Level 48. Add: lordxarrahl
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Ray Briggs II

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I find this type of thing fascinating. Speed runs that take advantage of programming glitches. 
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it always makes me wonder how the hell they find these glitches to begin with!
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Ray Briggs II

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A must read for those who think our own government is the biggest threat to democracy now.
'The election season highlights not our dedicated patriots vying to improve the country, but the greedy villains who are subtly but devastatingly destroying the democratic process like a creeping and relentless rust.'
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Ray Briggs II

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Bring back Homestar Runner!
Homestar Runner is back! 
Homestar Runner fans, your day has come: just as co-creator Matt Chapman promised back in July, his seminal internet cartoon has returned with a surprisingly hilarious new episode. The cartoon...
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Ray Briggs II

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Level 38 and I play everyday if you need neighbors. Lordxarrahl
Level 11 and she plays often also. JPolarBearsRule
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Father, Spurs Fan, Gamer, Husband. In that order.
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Always has excellent, quick service with friendly staff and great food. Anytime I have had a problem they address it right then.
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I have been taking my kids to Treetop for a few years now. They love the atmosphere, the staff and Dr. Brandon. I would recommend it to anyone. I have one kid terrified of the dentist but by her 3rd visit she was fine because the staff is so patient with kids who are scared.
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Great place and great people working there. Ask for the 'Family Reunion." It's the best sandwich there.
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