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Who here is interested in food, music, and life? I want to gauge interest in a sort of experiment in an alternative shindigiry: an evening of mindful eating/listening. The idea would be to try to get together a smallish (3-10?), diverse group of cool, safe folks together; everyone brings a food or a music; we partake of each thing brought mindfully (i.e. with our awareness focused on the experience in particular nonjudgmental way) and then talk about what we experienced for a bit after each item. No mindfulness experience would me necessary - just an open mind, an adventurous spirit, and a kind heart: I'd like to get both folks with and without any mindfulness experience. Yes, this is a bit hippy-dippy, but SCIENCE! tells us that mindfulness is the best thing ever, after getting enough sleep, and exercise, and good nutrition, and not stabbing eachother, and, oh yeah, breathing is good to, and ... (Kabat-Zinn, 1990). So if you think you might be interested in this if the stars were right, leave a comment!
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