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Studio 2 Imaging
S107, 785 Oakwood Road, Lake Zurich, IL 60047
I was planning a surprise party for my parents wedding anniversary and I wanted to have it filmed and put on a DVD for everyone in the family. Taking the task on myself was a little to much, so I called a professional. Studio 2 recorded the party in HD and caught every candid moment there was. The final product was amazing and I am so grateful for them and their service. The memories of the anniversary will be with all of my family and friends for a long time. I can take some credit for calling and hiring them, but they really came through in grand style!
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Friendly. Knowledgeable. Professional. They scheduled me quickly, came out and treated and didn't leave my house in a mess.
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We had a gender reveal ultra sound at first my baby wasn't Cooperating and had her legs crossed the whole time. Our ultra sound tech was super patient and didn't want to guess without making sure. She have me juice and water trying to get the baby to move. She was about to let me reschedule for later in the day because she knew we had to know that day but finally the baby spread her legs and you could see clear as day that she was a girl! I appreciated the staffs patience and willingness to reschedule if needed to get our results.
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Beth was amazing, usually i have Shanita, and she's just as amazing, and patient as Beth. I love the European wax center. i Always feel so welcomed and Sherl and Mandy are just so amazing and sweet. I be a life time customer. And FYI, Mandy sold me on the year plan on my first visit. She's so amazing for that because im not sold easily.
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Thank you for your wonderful work! It was quick and painless! I will definitely be back! And let others know what a great experience I had!
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I've been a customer of Soul Man's for several years. I mainly go to the Terrell location - it is great - and has a drive thru. The employees are always friendly and the food is great. I would recommend Soul Man's to anyone looking for great bar-b-q. You won't go away hungry!
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Brian is like a new child, it's like night and day. Brian has not needed any of his breathing medicines, and has become a happier, healthier baby overall. I am so grateful that we met Dr. Frahm, and that he decided to take Brian as a patient.
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