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This is long, but someone PLEASE read and get back to me. I've never been so frustrated.

Anyway, I do social media 2-year college. In 2008, we started a YouTube page. In 2011 (or so), we started a Google+ page. Then Google bought YouTube. And for some reason, the two pages wouldn't connect with the same Google account. So I deleted our OLD YouTube page and created a NEW YouTube page to connect with our Google+ page.

Then, for some reason, Google AUTO-CREATED a new "business listing" Google+ page for us, but with the incorrect address. It all has to do with their messy/arbitrary "Places" pages. And that incorrect address is what shows up when you Google search "lake superior college." So I called them and they verified the "Business" G+/Places page, but now our ORIGINAL G+ page is useless. And it has our NEW YouTube page connected to it. 

Google still shows the incorrect address (Which isn't TECHNICALLY incorrect, but it shows the address of a TINY satellite campus. Our main address has 8,000 students. Satellite campus? 20. So unless those 20 people are searching that address 50 times a day, I have no idea how algorithms could be causing it to default to THAT address.)

I've called and talked to 3 different Google reps, and two of the folks were REALLY helpful and nice, but I'm still completely lost.

I'm anticipating a lot of "You're dumb, learn how the internet works, idiot" responses, but I'm at my wits end. I can't believe we're the only one having these issues. It's mind-boggling. 

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Hey Duluth-area peoples: If you're interested, LSC is hosting a "Google Day @ LSC" on Thursday, July 26. Basically, if you're a small business or non/profit OR starting a small business, they'll help you build a website for free. Not sure of the quality of the website, but it's probably a good start. It's taught by Google employees.

The workshops are free, you just have to register. Doesn't make any difference to me if you go or not, just thought it was a good deal.


Grandma's Marathon is an AWESOME event that really shows of just how cool (brrrrr/"yeah dude") a city that Duluth is. Let's do an awesome job of welcoming out-of-towners! And.......good luck to the runners!! I'll be on the sideline handing out the high-fives. :)

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Before I get back to work: Here's a video...but don't watch it, just listen to it. IT'S SO FREAKIN' FUNNY.

It's a segment from a live episode of Marc Maron's WTF podcast featuring "Bob Ducca." Bob Ducca (Duke-a) is actually comedian Seth Morris, who everyone once in a while does this Ducca character and it's (again) SO FREAKIN' FUNNY. He's this middle-aged "on disability yet optimistic" kind of pathetic guy who is CONSTANTLY diagnosing himself with some kind of ailment.

Again, just listen/open another web tab over it. The video is dumb and distracting. WORDS ARE FUNNY, THOUGH!

"Denghi fever. Yellow Fever. .........Justin Bieber Fever."

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One of my favorite and smartest people whom I've never met...yet had many e-mail conversations with...passed away the other day. I really wish I would've had coffee with Mr. Gordon, or taken him out to lunch. I missed out.

He was such a rational, intelligent person, insightful, community-oriented, helpful, intellectual and kind person. He'd write the only letters to the editor in the DNT that didn't make me say "That person is nuts." Instead I'd say "This gives me hope for the 'Rational Party.'" Then I'd shoot him an e-mail and I'd talk about how I enjoyed his letters and that we would go back and forth about politics, religion, etc. It was great.

Maybe he and I were a little pie-in-the-sky in thinking that one day politics could be saved and rational thinking will rise to the top. One of his best lines was "One day we will take the best lessons from the left and the right and disregard the rest." Great words, Mr. Gordon. You'll be missed.

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Tonight from 6:00-9:00 p.m. at The Venue: Public reception for the LSC student art exhibit titled "Form 'n' Dysfunction." Check out the poster for more details!

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KA-BOOM!! Okay, we weren't allowed to show the actual EXPLOSION. But here's a quickly-put-together video of the two explosions AND some students' reactions. Lake Superior College ERTC: Propane Explosion
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