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We are now on INSTAGRAM! Take that well deserved afternoon break and search for 'compassseminars'. Make sure you hit the follow button so you can keep up to date with all of our upcoming seminars, resources range and special offers!

“The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem". This is the essence of Narrative Therapy Interventions.

Compass is touring popular international trainer, social worker and author Jackie Bateman in May for a couple of two-day Narrative Therapy Intensives in both Christchurch and Auckland. We want to offer a special registration discount to our followers for these events. If you register for one of these seminars through our website between now and April 26th and enter the code "NARRATIVE" (the capital letters are important) in the discount code field we will automatically apply a 10% discount off the cost of the seminar fee for you. Hurry, this offer is only active until the 26th April.

For further information on the seminars, or to register head along to the Compass Seminars website…/Narrative%20Therapy

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With just under 1 month to go, we are looking forward to hosting John Arden's Brain Based Intervention seminars in Whangarei (14th Nov), Hamilton (15th Nov), Napier (16th Nov) and Dunedin (18th Nov).
With over 40 years of experience in neuroscience and psychotherapy it is not surprising that John is a highly regarded author and international speaker and Compass Seminars is excited to be able to host him in New Zealand. John's seminars will give you an understanding of healthy brain functioning as well as the underlying patterns when dealing with clients with anxiety disorders, depression, addictions and stress. You will also learn how to teach your clients to work with their brain’s innate processes to reinforce progress and achieve healthier, more positive outcomes.
To enrol, please call our office at 06 759 1647 or follow these links:

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LAST MINUTE CHANCE to attend DDP Level 1 course in Christchurch (17-20 October 2016)

2 spaces have just become available to attend Kim Golding's Dyadic Developmental Practice Level 1 course in Christchurch (17-20 October 2016). DDP is an intervention model for families with adopted or fostered children who had experienced neglect and abuse in their birth families and suffered from significant developmental trauma. It focuses on facilitating the child’s readiness and ability to establish a secure attachment with their caregivers and is family-based. This 4-day intensive training course is a pre-requisite to becoming a certified DDP practitioner and will be followed up with a DDP Level 2 course in 2017 run by Dan Hughes.

To secure one of the two remaining spots, follow the link below or email Gerry at

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Nathan Wallis Radio New Zealand Podcast
This podcast is a recording of Nathan's interview with RNZ's Kathryn Ryan. It is an excellent 25 minute summary of the developing teenage brain. Nathan talks about topics such as how to communicate with your teenager, risk taking and the impacts of alcohol and drugs on the teenage brain. Please share it with anyone who may be interested.

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Dr Ben Sedley - Living with Stuff that Sucks - Palmerston North, 13 September 2016

Hot on the heels of Ben's fantastic seminar in Invercargill, Compass Seminars is excited to offer Ben's "Living with Stuff that Sucks" in Palmerston North.

To enrol click here:
To find out more about Ben:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is an empirically supported therapeutic approach that draws on behavioural and mindfulness principles to help people make space for painful thoughts and feelings and instead turn their focus towards values. ACT is rapidly growing in popularity internationally and is being used successfully with people experiencing a range of life challenges including low mood, worries, difficult behaviour, anger, anxiety, and interpersonal or family conflict. This workshop will introduce participants to the fundamentals of ACT with a specific focus on its successful application with younger people.

Ben will demonstrate and expand on ideas presented in his book ‘Stuff that Sucks’, including:
• An introduction to the ACT model and how to adapt the core principles of ACT to make it resonate with young people
• Reconciling developmental challenges of adolescents with ACT ideas, and normalising the range and extent of teen suffering.
• The importance of Validation, Perspective Taking and Metaphor in the therapeutic process
• Helping young people let go of their struggle against the Stuff that Sucks (self-critical thoughts and painful emotions)
• Talking about the Stuff that is Here and Now (Mindfulness) in ways that make sense to adolescents
• Helping young people identify the Stuff that Matters (Values) and ways in which they can move towards these.
• The importance of involving parents in the therapeutic process and challenging their perceptions of their child’s struggles.
• Helping clients learn from their experiences and active exercises in session, rather than being taught by a clinician

Throughout the day Ben will punctuate key ACT learning with a combination of experiential exercises, metaphors and clinical examples. This training is suitable for all professionals who work with young people and no previous ACT training is necessary. Participants who have already have some ACT or knowledge and experience will gain new insights into using this framework with young people.

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Nathan Wallis - The Brain Revsiited - Rotorua, 7-8 September 2016

An event not to be missed! To enrol click here:

Join Nathan for this 2-day seminar during which he will discuss the implications of the latest findings in neuroscience for best practice across a range of practice domains.

Some of the specific areas he will cover include:

- The brain in the first 2 years: including neurosequential models, cortisol research, left brain, right brain functioning, gender differences, brain pathway pruning, the essential functions of the pre fontal cortex and an overview of brain plasticity.
- The child and adolescent brain: including a review of new discoveries on the effects of nutrition, drugs and various other lifestyle factors on brain development and functioning. What approaches and interventions work best from a neuroscience perspective and how we can guide behaviour change in a way that acknowledges and utilises the unique workings of the developing brain.
- Latest brain research perspectives on common clinical presentations such as Depression, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, and Dyslexia, including an exploration of the practice implications of this knowledge.
- The movement brain: How the development of frontal cortex functions such as literacy and numeracy are interconnected with the development of movement, coordination and balance.

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Sir Mason Durie - Māori in the 21st Century - 06 September 2016

Compass Seminars is delighted to bring you the opportunity to spend a day with Sir Mason Durie who will discuss a range of topics relating to principles for working with Māori. Sir Mason speaks with a freshness and clarity of understanding, if you have been fortunate enough to hear him speak before you will know that this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Regardless of whether your professional focus is on prevention, promotion, treatment, education, rehabilitation or development, well-being is ultimately dependent upon the dynamic interaction of people with each other and with the wider cultural, social, economic, political and physical environments in which people live. Sir Mason will unwrap how Māori wellbeing is the product of these combined forces acting on the past and present experiences so that future prospects can be enhanced.

Some of the key areas that will be discussed include:

New Zealand’s distinctive past
Current and future cultural demographics in New Zealand and the implications for a changing society
Contemporary Māori development initiatives and what can be learnt from them
Māori practice and therapeutic intervention models, key considerations in their implementation and how they can be applied in modern times
The key practice dimensions for effective interventions
The importance of Whānau and Whānau development for Aotearoa in the future
Sir Mason will be speaking about issues that are relevant to all professionals working in health, welfare, education and community settings.

We would recommend you register early as Sir Mason’s previous seminars have been fully subscribed. To register, follow the link below.

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We have just added a new feature to our fliers that means that after downloading the flier you can now type straight into the registration forms at the bottom of it. You no longer need to print and hand write, now you just type and print/email. Too easy!

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Compass Seminars has worked with Michael Durrant to deliver his awesome 3-Day Solution Focused Brief Therapy Workshop for a number of years. It remains one of the most popular training packages that we offer. Michael is returning to Auckland to present this workshop on July 27th-29th and as we still have 5 places available we thought it was a great opportunity to offer our Google+ followers a chance to attend at a discounted 'last minute' rate. If you are not registered already and would like to join us we can offer you a 10% discount on the registration fee. All you need to do is enter the code: SFBT in the checkout stage when you register through our website and you will save $75 off the registration fee. Click on the link below for more information on the workshop and to access the registration page. Hurry, we only have 5 places left at this rate.
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