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Not Even Mahathir Can Bring Najib Down If He Refuses To Step Down
I have heard since the middle last year (2014) that Malaysia will have the new prime minister before the year end, or the latest, by early 2015.   That was a year and a half ago.  Today, mid December 2015, Najib appears to be stronger than ever before.  Wra...

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Chapter 10: The Empress and the Aged Priest
            “YOU know who I am?”  Asked the young woman to the aged man. “Of course!  My
colleague had spoken a lot about you. 
And I have been expecting you.” 
The aged man answered. “Then you must know the reason for my visit.”  The young woman said, as i...

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Chapter 9: The Close Door Council
            “WHY am I not informed of this
matter, that among you, there are those who do not believe in the divinity of
your Christ?”  Demanded Constantine when
the close door council was held.  His
eyes were on Hosius and Eustathius.  Also
present in the ...

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Chapter 8: The Raging Debate
               “OUR AGENDA TODAY is to put forth,
once and for all, the true nature of our Lord Jesus Christ, whether he is of
the same substance as the Father, as our earlier Church Fathers believe, or in
fact of different substance from the Father, as cla...

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Chapter 7: The Council
WHETHER Constantine was persuaded by Eustathius’
argument, or Hosius’ flattery, at that moment such matter appeared
immaterial.  Being a practical man, and
seeing no better option, he agreed with the proposal to convoke an ecumenical
council among the promi...

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Chapter 6 added

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New chapter of my novel

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