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Kenneth Barr
An old Army vet retraining in NYC
An old Army vet retraining in NYC

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Join ‪#‎TalkToMe‬ this Father’s Day (that’s Sunday, June 19 if you need a reminder!) at Madison Square Park to interview your father or be interviewed by your children. We’ll have everything you need, including suggested questions and great gifts. Your interviews will be featured on HuffPost’s Facebook page, and you’ll have a precious video keepsake!

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They overestimate the big boys and underestimate Leicester, Palace, Bournemouth and West Brom.

Thanks for the great phone conversation, Ro.

Classic stuff. Palace moment # 26!

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Johnny Carson stops Don Rickles's taping after Mr. Warmth broke Johnny's cig box.  Classic!

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See which Prem teams gave props to LCFC and which couldn't care less.  HInt:  Palace stayed classy.

New cover photo shows 2016 Crystal Palace FA Cup Beard. When Mile goes up to lift the FA Cup...

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Reflections On Divorce
Now that all the paperwork is filed, I will become a divorced father living separately from my daughter while my ex-wife continues her life with another man.  It's funny, and I probably should feel sad, but the moment I signed the papers a huge weight was l...

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