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Susan Westerberg

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I want to buy this Polaroid Z340 camera. It looks cool and unlike other instant cameras this one is digital !
Polaroid Z340
Polaroid Z340
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beautiful !
Lovely Shadows
Sometimes shadows cross your path
But sometimes they encompass the way
Sometimes you wonder at Fate’s angry wrath
And often you long for bright day

But all the darkness that seems to surround you
Is but an impermanent worry
Keep your feet on the path, your thoughts on the light
And you’ll find your way through the fury

When you see that these darkening shadows 
Must play on the stage of the mind
You can whisk them away with a wave of the hand
But! There are gifts in the dark you may find

Every step of the way is a treasure hunt
With riches eternal and true
So pass bravely through the darkness
For the wisdom and joy you accrue

And on the way you’ll see sweet reflections
That glimmer on the path as you go
They are the promise of things to come
When serenely through troubles you flow

When finally the hardship and woes start to fade
You’ll see in the light breaking through
Your fulfilled dreams for which you prayed
As you bid the darkness adieu.
                                                                   Blythe Ayne

          Thank you to +Ljiljana Kostadinovic for sharing
           the lovely shadowed image

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