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Khenpo Sodargye
“As long as we can benefit sentient beings, even if just one person could generate one virtuous thought through our efforts, we should be willing to be his servant for millions and millions of eons.”
“As long as we can benefit sentient beings, even if just one person could generate one virtuous thought through our efforts, we should be willing to be his servant for millions and millions of eons.”


Nov 17, 2011
Today is the day when Buddha Descended from Tusita Heaven according to Tibetan calendar. After counting the date, I realized it is also the first anniversary of my microbolg; through which I have made so many new friends like you in the past one year and learnt a lot from your comments! I really appreciate it! I believe we are going to strike more wisdom sparks through this channel of communication and benefit more lives!
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Buddha’s Finger
Nov 16, 2011
The relic of Buddha Sakyamuni's finger bone in Famen Temple was acclaimed as“the ninth wonder of the world” by the United Nations. In the Suvarna-Prabhasa-sutra, the Buddha said, “Relics result from familiarizing and practicing precepts, meditative concentration and wisdom; it is very difficult to form and it is the most supreme merit field.” The Great Treatise on the Perfection of Wisdom also said, “The merit is limitless to make offerings as small as the size of mustard to Buddha relic.” Therefore, it is better to generate virtuous aspirations and thoughts in front of this relic; in this way, you can sow infinite virtue.
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Following the Advice
Nov15, 2011
After doctors prescribing medicines for your illness, if you only hold the prescription without taking the medicine, your illness could not be cured. In the same way, when some people clearly show you a path for your life, if you only listen to it without taking any actions, then it is very difficult to expel your suffering.
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Important Thing
Nov 14, 2011
For a person in this world, except birth and death, everything is trivial.
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Nov 12, 2011
At the end of last month, i.e. Oct 31, 2011, the world population reached 7 billion. What does this mean? The Earth is only in such a limited size, but the population swells endlessly, so we have to face a series of pressures, such as inadequate food, resource crisis and environment pollution. When United Nation Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was interviewed by U.S. Time magazine, he said, “Food is very rich now but one billion people still have to go to sleep with hunger every night.” Therefore, our future Earth will be under great pressure!
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Long Time
Nov 11, 2011
No matter how wonderful the teachings we learn, it requires our experiencing it for a long period of time, letting it imperceptibly influence us and change our views on many phenomena. Otherwise, it is not necessarily to be able to have a quick effect just by reading it or applying it into practice a couple of times motivated by a sudden thought.
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Nov 10, 2011
A little fox said, “I have one piece of beautiful clothes; I put it on in the four seasons year round. In my whole life, I only have this one piece of clothes which is the gift mom give to me at my birth. From then on, I wear it every day and do not take it off even during sleep at night. Human beings! I have only one piece of clothes, but your closet is so jam-packed again and again. My clothes are my fur, without it I will become only a mess of blood and flesh. Your clothes can be changed three times a day, but once my clothes are taken off, my life is over.”
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Eliminating Suffering
Nov 9, 2011
When you are suffering, it is better to apply the Mahayana pith instruction of exchanging yourself with others. Visualize at that time, “In this world those who are suffering like me are numerous; may their suffering ripens in my body; I will substitute them for their suffering so that they will be apart from suffering and obtain happiness.” Then, when exhale, visualize all your happiness turns into white air and give it to sentient beings; when inhale, visualize all their suffering turns into black air and melts into yourself. This is the best way to eliminate suffering!
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Buddha’s Statement
Nov 8, 2011
Only through understanding suffering and facing suffering, can suffering be eliminated. Otherwise, blindly deceiving yourself and holding suffering as happiness will never remove suffering from you. In fact, the Buddha told us not only life is full of suffering but also how does suffering come into being, as well as how to thoroughly eliminate them to obtain the ultimate happiness? This is why the Buddha renounced householder’s life and also the main contents of Buddhism.
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Nov 7, 2011
In our life, though we have some happiness but it is temporary and transient. Therefore, happiness is only sporadic sprinkle not the grounding of life. Zeng Guofan (an eminent official, military general, and devout Confucian scholar of the late Qing Dynasty) said, “Among ten things, the unpleasant things are about eight or nine.”
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