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Invite Your Heart's Desire!
Invite Your Heart's Desire!

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Wishing Away Time
I know it's poor form to wish away my days. To ignore the gift of the present moment for the idea of the weekend to come or the special event on the horizon. I've wished away a lot of time in my life. Although I don't regret it, I've tried to learn the less...

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All You Need is LOVE!
Heart Magnet Gift Set "All you need is is all you need." The Beatles, of course. I never realized how many of The Beatles songs were love songs until I went on a love song search for our wedding last year. Say what you like about the long haired...

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Waking Up
I woke this morning at 6:08 a.m., before my alarm but it was okay. It didn't bother me. You know why? It was the sun! The actual sun! Breaking through the curtain every so slightly to wake me up! We live in the Midwest, in the Chicago suburbs to be exact. T...
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