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Where your smile is our #1 priority
Where your smile is our #1 priority


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Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth

How disciplined are you when it comes to caring for your teeth? Have you been giving it your all for an optimum dental health? Or are there habits you need to cut back in order to keep your teeth safe?

DeHart Dental, Inc. shares a list of habits that are harmful for your teeth. See which of these habits you may be guilty of committing:

1. Chewing Hard Objects - Chewing hard objects such as ice may only result to a weak or cracked tooth.

2. Poor Dental Hygiene - Inconsistent brushing, rarely flossing, and infrequent visits to the dentist makes your teeth neglected. This makes cavities and decay get in the way so easily.

3. Stain-Making Drinks - Drinking too much coffee, soft drinks, wine, and more can cause stain in your tooth and unpleasing oral odor.

4. Too Much Sugar - Sugar contains elements that produce bacteria which form a tooth decay. Sugar intake then needs to be moderated constantly.

Take better care of your teeth for a perfect hygiene! Should you need professional cleaning, speak with DeHart Dental, Inc. today at 662-226-6607. Remember that your smile is always our first priority.
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 Common Signs of Gum Disease
- Bleeding of gums
- Irremovable bad breath 
- Loose or sensitive teeth
- Pain in chewing
If you need gum treatment, don’t think twice in choosing DeHart Dental, Inc. to administer the care you need! As we hope to be able to speak with you, we invite you to reach our line at 662-226-6607.

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Tooth Loss at Old Age
Tooth loss at old age can be challenging in a lot of ways. Chewing, smiling, and speaking abilities may never be the same as before. You need not to worry though, because DeHart Dental, Inc. is here for you! We offer dentures that can be customized for your fit. Inquire now at 662-226-6607!

#Dentures #DeHartDental
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Dilemmas You Experience with Your Dentures

Although dentures are a good help in replacing a missing tooth, there are also problems you can encounter with it. See if you have experienced any of these dilemmas:

1. Ill-Fitness

Dentures that don’t fit you well would only lead to pain in the teeth and gums. You don’t have to bear with ill-fit dentures though; just run to your dentist immediately and request for a replacement.

2. Foul Odor

Dentures also need to be cared for and maintained, as they serve as your new set of teeth. When they aren’t properly cleaned, that’s when foul odor starts creeping in.

3. Speaking and Chewing

Using dentures take a period of adjustment, and it may affect the way you speak and eat for a few moments. You may feel discomforts or pain which are tough to bear with.

Whatever dilemma you may experience regarding your dentures, know that DeHart Dental, Inc. will always be just a call away to crafting the best solution you can ever get! Trust us to take care of your dental health! Feel free to contact us at 662-226-6607 or visit us at
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How to Keep Oral Health Issues at Bay
a. Gargle after you eat.
b. Drink water after eating sweetened snacks.
c. Make brushing and flossing a daily routine.
d. Schedule bi-annual dental checkups.

Still searching for a dental clinic you can trust? DeHart Dental, Inc. is the key to your excellent oral health! Visit us at

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Letting No Oral Health Issue Capture You
Have you gone desperate in looking for ways to keep oral health issues at bay? It's time to meet our doctors at DeHart Dental, Inc.! We turn your smile into one worth showing off. Consult us now at 662-226-6607.

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3 Common Functions of a Dental Crown
A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that is placed over a tooth ( The need for this would arise in numerous circumstances such as these three:
1. Weak Tooth
A crown protects a tooth that may have been weakened by decay. It can also hold together parts of a cracked tooth. As a protection, it prevents a delicate tooth from further breakage.
2. Broken Tooth
When a tooth has been broken, a crown serves as its material for restoration. Not only does a crown restore a broken tooth, but it also restores chewing strength and function.
3. Discolored Tooth
A discolored tooth can be treated with the help of a crown. Tooth discoloration can be caused by food and drinks that create stains, poor dental hygiene, diseases, medications, advanced age, or hereditary. 
Do you happen to be experiencing any of these tooth issues? Get the best dental crown you can ever wear at DeHart Dental, Inc.! To gain ample information regarding this, call us up at 662-226-6607.   
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What Your Smile Can Give
One catch of your smile can already uplift burdened hearts. It can feed positive vibes and shake off chaotic thoughts.
Make your smile therapeutic to the people within your reach! To win a more dazzling teeth, give our high-tech dental treatments a try! You can trust DeHart Dental, Inc. to be accountable to your dental health. Call 662-226-6607 now!
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Smile Your Worries Away
At DeHart Dental, Inc., bi-annual dental checks would be something to look forward to! Smile your worries away because we are here to give you quality dental care! To learn about the services we offer, please visit

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Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Teeth More

It might seem ridiculous that you need a reason to take care of your teeth, but some people just need the extra little push when it comes to their oral hygiene. They might be afraid to go to the dentist, for fear of being judged because of the state of their teeth. If you’re reading this and need the little push to make an appointment, this is for you. Here are more reasons to help convince you:

-It boosts your confidence
Yes, people do compliment your teeth. Some lost count of how many times people complimented their teeth. This might seem like their bragging, but the compliments reinforced the attention that they put on their teeth.

-Treatment is a long and expensive road
Spending money on getting your teeth cleaned is just scratching the surface compared to the spending you’ll do for other treatments. You can avoid this by setting an appointment with your dentist now.

-It can hinder you from your daily activities
Toothaches can be so excruciating that it can stop you from doing something like going to school or going to work. If you want to get rid of the pain, you know where to go.

Know more about DeHart Dental, Inc., what services we provide, and the directions you need to get to our clinic at
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