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If Adobe Flash Player was like a child, at version 17 we could be expecting to be pushing it out the door next year, couldn't we? Instead, this nasty little miscreant shows its ugly face all too often for a handout (update), brings along its friends (two installers, download-to-download), distracting us for the umpteenth time, then wants our money (Cloud CS promo).

How much longer must this go on?

A Message to Hollywood
Recently it has become known that Hollywood could go as far as attempting to break DNS under current law, thereby allowing them to shut down pirating web sites at will, and simultaneously shuttering the Internet as we have come to know it. This kind of action must not be allowed. 

The public needs to make it very clear to the MPAA and all their flunkies, lap dogs and constituents, that when given a choice between losing the internet's functionality, and maintaining Hollywood's misguided war on copying, we'll choose the internet. And we are willing to boycott them to prove it. So read the letter below, and support the cause. Because it's only entertainment.

Dear Hollywood:
As you again seem to be scheming to upset the operation of the internet, we thought you should know that we, the American people love you. You are the juggernaut distraction for our nation, you keep us from having to deal with our our real relationships, you maintain our fear of the unknown, you spew your reality TV that a significant percentage of us love to talk about. And now your arrogant, overly wealthy selves wish to lord over the very network that has changed us as humans, probably forever.

Well, the reality is that the internet is now the lord over our lives. It allows us to buy things for ourselves and others, to communicate with our friends, to do business. It affords a significant percentage of us to follow our dreams, to reach out and touch those we care about, to help make other lives' better. The internet holds most, if not all, the knowledge we could ever hope to learn. It is our new love affair. It can spark revolution, topple governments, expose corruption, make those in power very afraid indeed. 

And I don't think we want to cede this new life to you, Hollywood. Because after all, while we do indeed love all that you represent, your institution is...well, just entertainment. You're shallow network reality is an unending, mis-scripted allegory. Sure your super heroes try their best to be role models, but only for a period of minutes. Then we return to our real lives, lives full of toil, tears, joy, and so on.  Our distraction with your entertaining ways has grown us little as a society over these years. Really, entertainment is just a reflection of our our own reality. The surer we are of our own destiny, the less we need you. Or want you.

Our lives may need to adjust to a life without such entertainment. But we will adjust. We'll find many other things to distract us, to occupy our extra time, what little of it there is. We've been though this before with the writers' strike. After becoming bored with reruns, we began picking up and reading books, went outside and played in the sunshine. We got along just fine with our lives until the modern day opiate of the masses was again available for consumption. One wonders what the world would be like if it hadn't returned.

So our message to you, Hollywood, is please don't mess with the DNS. See? We are asking nicely. For now. Because we love you. And we don't want to be forced to hurt you. But we won't like it if you continue to behave this way. And it could be that we are finally mature enough as a society to just turn off your form of entertainment for a long, long while. Maybe for good.

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Free! Free! Free!

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And it will have vents. As in ventilation grilles. Can't wait.

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Um. For $200 less, you can get a 27" Apple Cinema Display. In a pretty aluminum casing. With a high-res webcam built in. And Displayport. Not sure why anyone would choose this, unless biased or uninformed.

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Let' see. Headline: smart device vs. console. Subhead: smart device vs. console. Lead sentence: smart device vs. console. Next sentence (presumably to support entire focus of article): iPhone vs. Android? Wha? Fan- boy much?

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This seems more than a little suspect. "Strong demand", when comparing their unit sales those of other manufacturers, may not be very impressive. It's always easy to compare to your own previous demand. I say reserve judgement for actual numbers. Especially when using such news for comments on capability to stem monetary losses. 

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