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David “Y2David” PlayStation MVP
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PlayStation MVP , also Lead Moderator for Nebula Realms (an upcoming virtual world game for PS4) PSN: Y2David #PlayStationMVP #NebulaRealms


Announced this morning by our Xaloc Studios Community Manager

Hello everyone,

As you all know, after the release of Nebula Realms we encountered several problems with our servers and game client. This is due to the huge amount of players that were logging into the game.

The server management system that we build is not ready to deal with so much transfer data and we need to redo a lot of functionalities of the server and also work on the game client. It will be a huge amount of work and we aren't sure about how long will that take us to fix it.

We are extremely sad about this, we done has much as we possibly could to try to make the system stable so you guys can play, many of you seen the server up for few minutes before it crashed, we tried several things but nothing really worked. The only option that we have right now is to remove the game from the store until the system it's ready to handle all the server traffic.

We do understand the disappointment this might cause. No one wants to play Nebula Realms as much as we do, we been working on this game very hard and for very long, but it seems that is our baby is not ready for the open world yet.

On a side note, we are very happy with the Nebula Realms community, most of you have been extremely nice and understanding with dealing with the delays. We would like to thank you for your support and understanding, we will keep working on Nebula Realms until is the game that we all want (and can!) play. We will keep you informed with the fixing process but we can not specify a new release date, we will take the time that we need to make sure the game is ready for you all to enjoy.

Xaloc Team

Page 5 of 5 - Server Update! - posted in General: I would if I could check their twitter and facebook often. Theres only one computer in the house hooked up to the internet and my siblings are on it more then me. Asking them to let me on for a moment to check something is often like pulling teeth. Ill just keep opening the thing on my ps4 and see if it goes through from time to time. That is about the best idea save their pages to your favorites...
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Thank you for the update we all know that you have worked really hard to give this to us we do appreciate all that you done thank you again ..
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Announced today by Xaloc Studios!!


Hello Community!
We are very excited to announce that finally, after a long wait and endless hours of work, Nebula Realms will be released the October 25th in NA region! That's right, next week!!

Here is a list of features you might find in the Nebula:

• PlayStation Plus subscription free (No PlayStation Plus will be needed in order to play the Nebula Realms!! If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can have some free and exclusive content in the shop!)
• Avatar advanced customization
• Shops (At the moment only for clothing)
• Wardrobe features
• Dances
• Gestures
• Friend list / Block list /Ignore list/Favorite list
• A mini-game
• Environment interaction
• Instance public chat
• Instance Personal user to user chat
• Server shared between EU and US players (Once is released in EU)
• Some hidden surprises ;)

Please keep in mind that this is the first master version of the game, you might encounter some stability and game/server bugs

So, when will it be the release in EU?
We wanted to release the game in both regions at the same time, but unfortunately, that wasn't possible due to a minor bug in the code which is already fixed. We expect to release the game in EU by the mid/end November. We can not assure that this would be the date, we will still need to confirm the date with SONY.

Hey! I have done a survey!
In order to release the game sooner, we decided to do the testing internally. The good thing is that we gathered a lot of good information which will be very useful to us in the future!

What's next!?
First thing first, we will need to deal with incoming/unknown bugs and server stability issues; incoming patches will probably be used for that purpose. Once the game is when the fun begins! You can expect regular updates with content, features, and events! Stay tuned for more!

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It looks terrific just from the pic"s can hardly wait to get there
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Hello Nebula Realms friends,
We just wanted to let everyone know that we are close to finishing the closed beta build and we will be sending the closed beta surveys soon.
Please remember that if you wish to be included in the closed beta user selection you need to join our mailing list! Mailing list link ->
Also, a quick and friendly reminder of our social media sites :)

Share the love <3 and share this post! Speak about us to all your friends! The more the merrier! Thanks for being awesome!
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Here is this Week's PS4 Community Gathering Announcement, it will be on Wednesday. Hope to see you all there :)
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Video from @KaptinFathead on the release date of Nebula Realms on the PS4
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It dont even work smh 
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Hello everyone!
Sorry for the wait, but in the meantime there is a video of the gameplay, ENJOY!
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Caption this!
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Sorry couldn't let it lol
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Hi guys! 📣

We know you all have been patiently awaiting some new information from us. We are very sorry for the continuous delays and trust us when we say that we are the first ones that want the game released, but for us it’s important not only to fulfill the community expectations but also release a quality product, all this takes time we just need a little bit more we are almost there!

The reason for the delay is because we are experiencing some unforeseen technical issues with the build of the game and certain technical requirements are needed in order to submit the build to Sony for QA. We are working very hard to fix these problems so we can submit the game to as soon as we can!

It’s hard for us to predict the amount of time that the fixes will require but we are hoping that it won’t take much longer! We’ll share news as soon as we have it like we always do, meanwhile, check out the attached screenshots! These are displaying the user interface, chat functionality, chat bubbles, sitting, poses and some of the common area in Leaf Park. We understand everyone would prefer to experience the actual game, but at least you can have a peek to some of the features!

We trully appreciate your support and your patience, Thank you.
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This Thursday's PS4 Gathering :)
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Here is this Week's PS4 Community Gathering Announcement, it will be on Wednesday. Hope to see you all there :)
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