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Bruce Heard
A former TSR creative & manager, creator of Calidar, and undying D&D Mystara fan.
A former TSR creative & manager, creator of Calidar, and undying D&D Mystara fan.

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Beating a Dead Horse
Following up on my complaint about KLM's business. Back when I first contacted the Dutch airline, I'd complained bitterly about their new policy of denying passengers the option of choosing their seats at the time they book their flights unless they pay $20...

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Bonus mention of #Calidar on Geeks & Sundry!

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Hi all. Thanks for adding me as an admin. Let me know if you need anything. Cheers!

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I posted the following on the D&D BECMI group on Facebook. Crossposting here, as some of you may be interested:

Regarding the D&D Rules Cyclopedia becoming available in print from DTRPG: I'd suggest kindly requesting the DM's Guild offer this title at their earliest opportunity as there is evidently lots of demand for it. If you're interested in adding weight to this suggestion, you could place this suggestion in the DM's Guild suggestion/feedback box, located on the bottom right corner of their page.

The page is located here:

Otherwise, use the Contact Us screen, which is here:

I'm not entirely sure what the best avenue is, but certainly, these two can't hurt. Thanks for your support and participation.

Edit -- there was a note on their site that they check suggestions once a week, so any sort of response on this, if any, won't surface until possibly next week sometime. Just keep bringing it up.

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New, now available in PRINT format (pod).

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Here's the link to the list of BECMI titles available so far from DTRPG either in print of as PDFs.

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Still Not Amused
Though I didn't expect one, I did receive an answer from KLM (see my previous post).  Their answer to my first complaint missed the point entirely. I wasn't asking for an upgrade to business class.  The letter doesn't even mention the object of my second co...

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I'm Not Amused
Though this has nothing to do with gaming whatsoever, I'm annoyed enough with an airline to release a letter I posted on their complaint page.  As I promised them that I would, I'm therefore passing my comments along to the public. To Whom It
May Concern --...

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New reviews have been posted on EnWorld. I need another 6 reviews or star ratings (posts don't have to be very long) to put the new book on EnWorld's product chart. Anyone wants to help with this? Thanks!
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