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Travis Bughi
Just another writer trying to bring his stories to life
Just another writer trying to bring his stories to life

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Book Review: Pride and Prejudice
I think this book was worth rating 5 stars. Although I wasn't exactly enamored during my reads, I feel that was due to my lukewarm interest in the romance genre in general. Honestly, I can see why this novel's status as a timeless classic is well deserved. ...

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Book Review: Horus Rising
The TLDR of this book review is that I went in hoping for one thing, got it in spades, and also got huge helpings of plenty more, and I enjoyed this book immensely. So after eating the massive whale-of-a-book that was Moby Dick, I decided I needed to digest...

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Expand Your Horizons Reading Challenge
As 2016 draws to a close, and 2017 looms ahead, it's time everyone to start contemplating new goals to set for themselves. For me, I tend to think about Reading Challenges. I've always been a spectator of Reading Challenges, but never a participant. The fac...

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Review: The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt
Finally finished this one. It took me until November 7th to reach 50% and then I killed the last 50% over the next 2 weeks. Once again, I blame the election cycle. I have troubles unplugging, which is something I intend to correct in the future. But anyways...

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Me Before You
I actually saw this movie about a week ago, but I've kind of been mulling around what to write in my review of it. After some light consideration, I've decided to give it the full 10/10. And here's why. So basically, this movie isn't my thing, and I fully k...

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Dark Souls III: An Epic Conclusion
​So I'm a rabid fan of the Dark Souls games. There's no denying this fact, not from me or anyone else. I was hooked the moment I played Demons' Souls so long ago, bought a Playstation 3  ​specifically  ​to play Dark Souls, pre-ordered Dark Souls II without ...

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World of Myth Release: A Legend Ascends
It's complete! It's complete! The series is finally finished. All six books are completely written, edited, and released. What a journey. The sixth and final book in Emily's Saga is complete, and I've already compiled all the books into a single digital fil...

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Movie Review: Deadpool
So you've probably heard by now that Deadpool kicked ass in theaters, and you might be wondering if you should go see what all the hype is about. Well, here's a completely unaccredited, spoiler-free, short and lacking-details review from someone who really ...

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Movie Review: Twinsters
So over the weekend, I took a break from writing, reading, physical activity, traveling, and generally anything that could be called useful and played Skyrim  for damn near three days straight. Occasionally, I took a break and did something else equally as ...

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Movie Review - The Revenant (2015)
So I'm a good week late on this review. I actually saw it last weekend but only just now got around to writing my thoughts about it. Don't worry, no spoilers here. You can read on without fear. So the previews would have you believe this is a 50% Survival /...
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