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We are introducing the next generation #Chrome OS Linux 2.1.1145 - the chrome plated operating system!

It's a major update, featuring Cinnamon desktop environment and a lot of new software, which you can get for free from
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Kai Lim
Cinnamon has some issues with AMD graphics cards when I was using it... The cpu usage went through the roof whenever there was an application on
You don't have to pay by choosing "regular downloading". Or you can download it using BitTorrent.
Do I need to download the whole image, or will my current distribution update to this?
Yes, you have to download the new image, due to major changes under the hood (like Cinnamon instead of GNOME 2). Or you can stay with the legacy Chrome OS Linux as long as you like.
What about drivers support, especially laptop Wifi cards...? In the past people (including me) have had to turn to LimeOS instead because official ChromeOS had flakey driver support at best

Also, in terms of boot up speed at least on non-ChomeBooks, it didn't offer much as compared to say, a basic Ubuntu installation. Anything new that should get me to drop Ubuntu in favor of the new build?
A majority of WiFi cards are natively supported, why don't you burn a Live-DVD and give it a try?
Torrent tracker keeps erroring out and direct download is still sitting at an hour eta after 20 minutes. Any other mirrors floating around with better speeds/connections?
We'll try to add a new mirror later today.
I have the say, the 'DepositFiles' service pretty much sucks, but hopefully in about an hour, I'll be able to burn the new build and give it a try
I just had some issues with an older Win XP laptop, right time to get a new OS ;-)
I can't get anything in my current Chrome OS Linux build to work so I can burn the image. I'm giving up for the evening and I'll have to use a Windows machine to burn the new image so I can disheartening.
Just install Brasero (type in Terminal: sudo zypper in brasero) in order to burn iso files in Chrome OS Linux.
Here is a mirror of Chrome Linux Live DVD:
It's not the software I'm lacking, I have Brasero and k3b, but neither can recognize a disc in the drive (yup, there is a [blank] disc in the drive).
Is your DVD drive recognized? Check it in YaST > Hardware Information. If yes, could you try with another blank DVD disc?
my computer can use Chrome Linux?
my english is bad
+Chrome OS Linux You know what, I think it may be my fault.  The last image I burnt to a CD, so I made a like minded assumption.  I just now noticed that the new image is a slightly over 717MB, so I'm wondering if that is causing the media to not be recognised (the drive is recognized in YaST).  I've tried everything else, I just don't have any DVDs; I'll pick some up and try it with those.
iam running it on all my computers .. its the greatest OS when u used to Chrome u will never change 
Getting the torrent to try tomorrow!
Wow gttttt!
SuSE is not easily to setup, for a newbee,
There is a livedvd but I use virtualbox and install it before I do any damage.
Une pure daube.. une distri Linux de plus parmi des milliers qui n'a rien à voir avec le véritable Chrome OS.
I'm trying to install this onto my MSI netbook with a USB drive. However, after choosing which version (Failsafe or default), the screen will show the Chrome Linux logo and there will be no more activity from my usb device or from my hard drive. Is there a certain amount of time this takes? Will hooking up a external DVD drive and using the DVD version help this problem?
Sorry for the OT question, but is too important for me :) I want to buy a chromebook, the samsung 5 550, i would like understand if there are problems in java programming on this device...and in alternative , if is a good idea to create a dual boot with a linux distribution where I will install eclipse or another ide, virtual machine for compiling exc exc...thanks ;)
No, there is only 32-bit version since it's the most popular architecture and it's compatible with 64-bit CPUs.
I have trouble installing Chrome I try it from USBLive  but will not install. My PC has all the requirements.
I have trouble too. When i'm bootin' from usb stick it's come chrome logo and suddenly it's goes to black screen. I have eeepc 1015pn. I have acer one too. In second netbook logo isn't show up. What's going on?
is there a 64 bit version? how can i get?
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