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Jade Falcon
Mostly just a Crafty Geek Girl.
Mostly just a Crafty Geek Girl.

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Day of the Ball --- It's the Little Things
Having completed a majority of work the evening before, I only had a few small things left to do today for the bodice. Primarily, finishing up the shoulder trim. I got some buttons from Joanns Fabrics. And here the final cockade.  It goes over the shoulder ...

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10 Days Before the Ball -- A Day of Three Costuming Miracles.....
It's 10 days before the Moulin Rouge Ball, and I'm torn. Should I continue my plan of making a new corset? Or should I forgo the corset and go with just making the bodice? I've obviously made both things before, so it'll be easier for another attempt (or at...

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11 Days Before the Ball -- a Hurried Costume Diary
I've been pretty busy these past months with a few archery tournaments, conventions, and our anniversary. In the middle of September, I was asked to potentially help out at a special event -- a Moulin Rouge ball hosted by our local costumer's guild . My par...

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Apparently, my t-shirt size ranges from a Small to an X-Large.

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Loot Crate: Month One.
My Viking and I are splitting a Loot Crate subscription. We had gotten the FireFly version and liked it.  So, we subscribed to their regular version. The very first one out of the gate is an awesome package for the both of us. The theme is ANTI-HERO.  One o...

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"A lot of black girls look up to me, and I want to make them proud. I want to show them that they can do this and give them a platform to achieve. Erinn Smart [a black fencer who won a silver medal at the 2008 Games] has done that for me. I don't know without her what I would be doing. She made it very clear that this was possible. I saw her have success when she was training and competing, so I knew what I was working toward was achievable."

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I love crocheted blankets. I grew up with these, and have even made a few. But this? oh, please no.....

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Shego Costume: Making Spandex Boots (Part 5)
Wowza, Fanime has come and gone, and I've not yet finished posting about my Shego costume build. So, I'll be updating with the rest of the dress diary. But just in case you want a refresher: Making Shego: Making Shego: Part 4 - Gloves Making Shego: Part 3 -...

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I'm getting ready for the Cotton Boll in Tulare, Ca next weekend. I'm hoping to do as well as my practice shots from the past two weeks as I got sighted in for the 60-70m marks.

I already have my 50m from our clubs archery league.

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Shego Costume: Making a Bodysuit (Part I)
One of the things that I have not made for myself is a bodysuit. Spandex fabric has been my anetham and I have avoided it for a long time. However, with a lot of costumes using bodysuits, I knew that it would be inevitable that I would have to suck it up an...
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