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I like these photos!

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Name Those Lakes! With an aurora crowning the Earth, the contours of the North American Great Lakes are easy to identify in this night time image taken from the International Space Station at 06:18 GMT January 30, 2012. Can you name them?

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For those who missed my recent Google interview

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This is how I relax.

Crazy long day. But I ate like a champ. Destroyed my workout class like a champ. Even did an impromptu shoot in the kitchen of a studio apartment while a 12 girl a capella group rehearsed / swapped in to pose.

They sang some badass 80’s medleys.

But at the end of the day, the reward was going up on my roof….where it’s near silent except for the sound passing cars below (this also doubles for the sound of the ocean for me) and shooting the skyline.

I was coaching a headshot client a while back and trying to get her to sigh into a look…to give me some serenity in her face and in her eyes. She replied “oh, you mean a hot chocolate moment! Where you take that first sip and think mmm hot chocolate.” Which, yes, actually, that was exactly what I was going for and I completely dug the term…I still use all the time with other folks.

Tonight, I figured out that the term can kinda be universal though. In this case, the scene itself was personifying that idea. Personifying? I don’t know what I’m talking about here…it…took on the qualities of that idea or that emotion.

So, yes, long story short…

Serious hot chocolate moment for me right here.

EDIT: I just showed this image to my lovely friend Jen Kipley (aka My Muse). She was up there with me when I took this and I asked if this is what the moment looked like to her. She said, “I think it looks like the skyline on its best day.” …referring to how I describe my headshots to people. “Make you look like you on your best day.” And I think that’s an interesting point in what I do with my HDRs. I think I see that moment in front of me and kind of idealize it… romanticize it a bit and then use HDR to get that across. So it’s not only what I see but what I was feeling too.

Overactive only child imagination + somewhat sappy verbosity = whatever the fuck. I don’t know, man.

Aaaaaand…stepping away from the keyboard.

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Horse-Head / Calling for vanished words
Part of Memories of Retrocity II

Uncensored version at:

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