The Apple C-to-Lightning cable has a firmware bug "feature", and will not work with any of the USB-PD compliant chargers I've tested. iPad Mini 2 Retina/iPhone 6/6 Plus will not even detect being plugged in. (Technical details over in the "non-Lite" section.) This shows why you should beware products using proprietary methods/cables!

(Edit 2: At the behest of Benson, I'm adding a note here that this is the charger's responsibility to add the optional feature to allow legacy devices to work. I had assumed the C-to-Lightning cable's "smart chip" was smarter than it actually was. In reality, the charger manufacturer needs to sort this out.)

(Edit: Benson has worked with Apple's engineers, and discovered this is a result of Apple following the spec to the letter. The PD chip in the cables does not interface with the USB data lines, so the iPad only draws 100mA as if it was plugged into a 5v source with no host enumeration! Chargers with shorted D+/D- lines are not victim to this. Thanks to him for this excellent debugging!)

(Google 22.5W "dumb"/non-PD charger included as working reference picture.)

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[Plus] Lite Apple C-to-Fail
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