[Attack of the Cables!] 12th #USB #TypeC analysis: Belkin “Apple” 3.1Gen2 USB-IF Certified eMarked C-C cable. [Model F2CU023yw1M-WHT.]
tl;dr: GOOD. eMarked 3A. eMarker filled properly. Properly USB-IF certified (sister model). OK-ish IR drop.


[PDF of Cable Checklist for Belkin "Apple" F2CU023yw1M-WHT]
(These analyses will be a lot shorter, and rapid-fire. READ THE PDF.)

Gotta hand it to Apple. They keep their suppliers on a short leash. This doesn't even claim "USB-IF Certified" on the package, yet it is.

Everything about it is by-the-book. It's only a shame they didn't eMark this for 5A, it is clearly capable of it. It is only tagged as 3A currently. IR Drop is also "acceptable", but there are better. Also a bit pricey, but given the QC it's worth it. If in doubt, walk into an Apple Store, buy this.

(Personally, I like the j5create JUCX01 more because that can do 5A, is properly eMarked, is cheaper, more flexible, and has better IR drop.)

Details/proof in the PDF report.
[Plus] Analyses Belkin Apple 3.1Gen2
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