[Attack of the Cables!] 17th #USB #TypeC analysis: LG Nexus 5X OEM (Dongdo) USB2.0 C-C cable. [Model LG Nexus 5X.]
tl;dr: GOOD. "Dumb" USB2.0 cable. IR drop is actually better than the 6P's marginally. But quality is much worse.


[PDF of Cable Checklist for LG 5X OEM (Dongdo)]
(These analyses will be a lot shorter, and rapid-fire. READ THE PDF.)

Not much to this. The stock cable that comes with some LG Nexus 5X's with a "Dongdo" labeled charger. Only USB 2.0, so is missing many wires. IR drop is actually better than the Huawei one.

NOTE: This is an important distinction! The cable might be fine, but some chargers that comes with the LG Nexus 5X are VERY VERY BAD!!  Google has already been made aware, it's time to warn people publicly. I plan to devote an entire post to that situation.

Details/proof in the PDF report.
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