+Texas Instruments​​​​​​​​​​​​ denied my request for engineering samples, claiming my #USB #TypeC validation work "didn't qualify". So instead here's a quick and dirty hack to see if adding a Port Emulation Controller allows legacy Apple devices to fast-charge on a C-to-Lightning cable. (I don't have an iPad Pro to sniff/test if PD works... any volunteers?)

For the record, their tps65982-evm evaluation board ALSO doesn't implement a Port Emulation Controller on the USB lines for legacy devices. It additionally behaves oddly with those ByteCC cables that have both CC lines wired -- the TI eval board latches to CC1 and supplies current, instead of entering debug accessory mode (Rd/Rd). (This may be orientation detection as stated in B. but the CC1 LED was lit, and it was NOT configured with asymmetric Rp's.) In any case, Benson's most recent advice regarding chargers isn't utilized even in TI's public reference design.

I'm curious if this oversight carries over to their "USB-IF Certified" PMP11451 Power Delivery reference design... (Edit: It doesn't, their design uses a TPS2514ADBVR emulator.)

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