This is a somewhat-important caution to any +Nintendo Switch owners. You know how I said "The Switch is not USB-C compliant, so avoid using it with any third-party chargers (or vice versa)?"
tl;dr: The Switch is not USB-C compliant, and overdraws some USB-PD power supplies by 300%.

This is a pretty major error and seems to be triggered by any supplies that have a "Split PDO" or re-advertise their SRC_CAP message. This means AVOID using the Apple 87w or +Anker PowerPort 5+ chargers with the Nintendo Switch tablet itself, or with the Dock. (Among other chargers; these two are just the ones I'm most familiar with. And are the most popular/prevalent.)

Please see the attached screenshot. During a SRC_CAP readvertisement, the Switch handheld tablet re-requests a 15v/0.5a contract with the charger, then proceeds to violate that contract and draw ~1.5a. If the charger had multiple Type-C ports, or was a battery-backed supply that relies on devices honoring their contract, the Nintendo Switch would massively overdraw the power reserve and overload the charger.

There's a bunch more issues with the Switch I'm seeing, but I'm going to have to report them later one at a time as I crossreference the behaviors with the requirements from the USB-PD spec. (i.e. "I know it's acting funny, but I have to find the exact line to quote.") This one was the most major, and most worthy of a quick response.

I've left a voicemail with Nintendo, but I have no formal contact so getting this patched may take a while.

Edit: This can be corrected via a firmware update. I am unsure how many chargers are "Split PDO" or re-advertise SRC_CAP messages, but that behavior is quite prevalent -- and will only become moreso as USB-PD power supplies become "smarter". It seems most prevalent in battery packs and >3a USB-PD power supplies.

Edit 2: Changed "do not" to "avoid", to stress it's sub-optimal. Just because it "happens to work" with the products here, doesn't mean it will elsewhere. Violating an explicit USB-PD contract is fairly serious.

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