[Attack of the Cables!] 11th #USB   #TypeC  analysis: Anker PowerLine 3.1Gen2 "100W" USB-IF Certified eMarked C-C cable. [Model A8185011.]
tl;dr: BAD. Spec-violating. eMarked 3A, not 5A. High IR drop. Lies about device, makes charger Vbus HOT. Somehow slipped by USB-IF Certification.


[PDF of Cable Checklist for Anker A8185011]
(These analyses will be a lot shorter, and rapid-fire. READ THE PDF.)

I honestly don't know how this got USB-IF Certification. It completely undermines the argument I made in an earlier post entirely.

A Tale of Two Cables: Why certification matters

The Anker Powerline I got from Amazon claims to be 5A/100W, but the eMarker data only says 3A/60W. So it won't work as advertised when plugged into devices that actually DO use 5A. So false advertising.

Furthermore, the cable appears to have a Rp inside of it that fakes the existence of a device. This breaks chargers and makes them Vbus HOT/dangerous.  It will also break a ton of devices you plug it into -- since the Rp pulldown will be "doubled up". 5V Vconn voltages are also passed through to the CC pin (3.3 or 5v), which is BAD. 5v bleeding into a 3.3v circuit is BAD NEWS BEARS.

 My N6P would not charge rapidly at all when plugged into this. (1200mA max, "Charging").

All in all this is a total bust and I'm super disappointed. On the flipside, being able to fact-check the eMarker data means I can call out manufacturers on these shenanigans.

Details/proof in the PDF report.
[Plus] Analyses Anker A8185011
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