[Addendum] 26.1st #USB #TypeC analysis: Apple MLL82AM/A USB-C 2.0 charge cable. [Model A1739]
tl;dr: EXCELLENT cable. This post with detailed data will be cited as reference going forward.

As part of my recent "Trust, but VERIFY" article series, I took the Apple cable and ran it though the +Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester Level 2.

[TotalPhase report for for Apple MLL82AM/A]
[TotalPhase report (120% SI) for for Apple MLL82AM/A]
[TotalPhase report (outlier) for Apple MLL82AM/A]

[TotalPhase summary sheet for 5 separate tests]

[Previous post on the Apple MLL82AM/A]

This cable has some excellent performance characteristics that I wanted to document. As this cable is "reference" grade, I will be comparing many cords to this in the future.

Minor notes about the data: the summary sheet shows a "Continuity" fail that is an artifact of a bug in the current version of the tester firmware. This outlier can safely be ignored. Same for the HW/FW version. Also note the Modal bit is not shown in the UI. It is "<0b1> Modal Operation supported". The photo shows Apple retains the USB D+/D- B6/B7 pins, against what is suggested in the spec.

Note the 25% margin of safety in the DC resistance measurements. Apple designed the cable such that when (not if) the connectors do wear, there is still a healthy safety window to the 5A resistance limits. Only 75% of the maximum is used. (Please keep in mind this cable has been moderately used as well -- it's not brand new.)

This overbuilding, rather than meeting the bare minimum of the spec, is what earns my respect.

[Plus] Analyses Apple MLL82AM/A TotalPhase
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