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[Addendum] 26.1st #USB #TypeC analysis: Apple MLL82AM/A USB-C 2.0 charge cable. [Model A1739]
tl;dr: EXCELLENT cable. This post with detailed data will be cited as reference going forward.

As part of my recent "Trust, but VERIFY" article series, I took the Apple cable and ran it though the +Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester Level 2.

[TotalPhase report for for Apple MLL82AM/A]
[TotalPhase report (120% SI) for for Apple MLL82AM/A]
[TotalPhase report (outlier) for Apple MLL82AM/A]

[TotalPhase summary sheet for 5 separate tests]

[Previous post on the Apple MLL82AM/A]

This cable has some excellent performance characteristics that I wanted to document. As this cable is "reference" grade, I will be comparing many cords to this in the future.

Minor notes about the data: the summary sheet shows a "Continuity" fail that is an artifact of a bug in the current version of the tester firmware. This outlier can safely be ignored. Same for the HW/FW version. Also note the Modal bit is not shown in the UI. It is "<0b1> Modal Operation supported". The photo shows Apple retains the USB D+/D- B6/B7 pins, against what is suggested in the spec.

Note the 25% margin of safety in the DC resistance measurements. Apple designed the cable such that when (not if) the connectors do wear, there is still a healthy safety window to the 5A resistance limits. Only 75% of the maximum is used. (Please keep in mind this cable has been moderately used as well -- it's not brand new.)

This overbuilding, rather than meeting the bare minimum of the spec, is what earns my respect.

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I have a 6' Apple cable I use with the original charger at my bed, it's held up a year, still has good retention, and seems to charge very fast. I'm quite happy. 
Hey dude, can you please check the 3000mAh Morphie Motomod as well? 😅
+Nathan K. And you don't even need to own a Moto Z I suppose since unlike other power mods it has a dedicated usb-c port and cell OFC 
+Curiosity Rover​ How would you discharge it without a Z tho? Is the port wired in such a way that it can also be used to charge other devices? (and not just the battery) That would actually be kind of interesting, otherwise it's not very different from the Incipio Mod and the others that came before it.
+Francisco Vigil Considering it has a dedicated port and USB-C supports charging both ways, it should be able to charge other devices I suppose 😅
+Curiosity Rover Merely having the Type-C port doesn't guarantee it works both ways. Same as having a Type-C port doesn't guarantee DisplayPort.

There are a number of optional features, and not ever manufacturer puts them in every Type-C product to save money/time/effort... Google included. (Nexus 6P doesn't support PowerDelivery, Pixel doesn't support DisplayPort.)
It's still a big assumption (that the port works both ways), I'm not playing devil's advocate btw, I'm actually considering buying a Z Play soon for my mother so I'd be keenly interested in the various ways the battery could work. Moto doesn't even make that battery tho, Mophie would be in charge of the Mod design.
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