[Attack of the Cables!] 14th #USB #TypeC analysis: Google USB2.0 Type-C to Type-C Cable 1.8m. [Model usb_c_usb_c]
tl;dr: GOOD. Long cable is looooooong. Low IR drop for such thin, long cable. (NOT USB-IF certified or eMarked.)


[PDF of Cable Checklist for Google 1.8m]
(These analyses will be a lot shorter, and rapid-fire. READ THE PDF.)

Not much to this. It's a $20, 6 foot long USB2.0 C-C cable with decent specs. Not sure what you were expecting. It's remarkable for the fact it has such a low IR drop despite being so long, making it an ideal charge cord. So kudos to the Google Engineers for figuring out how to do that.

However, I'd only recommend this for if you need a long cord to connect to across the room. There's other, better choices out there for everything else that permit 5A charging, are eMarked, USB-IF Certified, USB3.1Gen2, all that jazz. (See the j5create JUCX01 for an example.)

Details/proof in the PDF report.
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