[Addendum] 16.1st #USB #TypeC analysis: j5create 3.1Gen2 100W USB-IF Certified eMarked C-C cable. [Model JUCX01-1A]
tl;dr: Still my favorite cable on the Citadel. This post with detailed data will be cited as reference going forward.

[TotalPhase report for for j5Create JUCX01-1A]
[TotalPhase report (120% SI) for j5Create JUCX01-1A]
[TotalPhase summary sheet for 5 separate tests]

[Previous post on the j5Create JUCX01-1A]

A reader (+Michael Anderson) commented in the Belkin retrospective I didn't post my reference data, so here it is. Again, courtesy of the +Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester Level 2.

I would like to point out this is a very specific model (JUCX01-1A 5A/100W) and that j5Create is known for making a shoddy sister models (JUCX03 3A/60W). Please don't get the two confused. They are as different as night and day.

Subsequent to my initial good impression, I encoutnered +j5create's terrible customer support. I attempted to reach out to them numerous times after I found out about the bad "USB-IF Certified" JUCX03 3A sister model with +GTrusted. But their response was almost worse than none at all.

(4) http://gtrusted.com/review/57167
(5) http://gtrusted.com/review/58918
(6) http://gtrusted.com/review/57166

They actively gave me the run around after filing a ticket in their system to the point I had a choice of either returning the defective cable(s) to Best Buy, or proceeding with the ticket in their system and being unable to return or exchange the cables. (Notice the big red index card in the package -- and please ignore its instructions. It is a diversion.)

They never addressed the fundamental issues even after I identified why this was such a big deal, and pointed out GTrusted's findings matched my own.

(1) https://plus.google.com/102612254593917101378/posts/LToV8EeYbf7
(2) https://plus.google.com/102612254593917101378/posts/1gFUdoARGH2
(3) https://plus.google.com/102612254593917101378/posts/Nttfzr3rgiW

But in terms of performance alone, this cable (JUCX01) still hasn't been dethroned. Once I find a widely available cable that can match the j5Create's performance, I plan to swap my recommendation to that one for these "intangible" reasons.

Please take these results with a LARGE grain of salt until j5Create makes attempts at reciprocal communication explaining the situation. My fear is j5Create will pull the same "variant" shenanigans with this cable, and make ones that are "bad" following this one's good publicity. When the budget situation isn't so far in the Red, I will obtain another j5Create JUCX01 locally and see if they are still consistent.

This post may dovetail into a future article series I am planning regarding "USB-IF Certification" as a whole.

[Plus] Analyses j5Create JUCX01 SI
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