Here's a followup on the defective Tenswall 29W USB-PD charger. I'm rather concerned how companies can conceive,  engineer, make, and market a product without so much as testing for standards compliance. Or, that such products can somehow get 4 or 5 star ratings on sites like Amazon.

This unit is temporarily on loan from +Benson Leung, and will be returned after this video. I did not purchase it with my own money.

This shows the ramifications of what Benson described in his post: the charger is electronically over-rated, and will physically shut off and stop working if a device takes it up on it's bad offer. (At least it is better than that RavPower 36W, which will actually overheat and break down!)

If anything it should underscore the importance of the critical and objective work Benson is doing, and the need to follow industry standards and specifications rather trying to target "one company". (Benson cites Tenswall stated the charger was developed/tested ONLY with a Macbook.)

However, after hearing the rationale of certain manufacturers, I am beginning to take fault with the concept of "absolute authority" of USB-IF Compliance/Certification in the first place. I'm starting to believe the only objective measure of a product is unbiased peer review. I plan to do a post in the near future showing how their "Certification" scheme is failing and allowing defective products through (by my count 5), but that is a subject for another time.

In the meanwhile, it appears Amazon has "dogged" (404 removed) the product since I last checked. A cached version of the page is linked below showing what I cite in the video regarding a 4* rating.

Google Cache: (4 stars, 26 reviews)

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