My second #USB   #TypeC analysis is a product I had high hopes for, that were dashed: the Tronsmart 33W Dual USB Wall Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 [Model W2PTU].
tl;dr: Bad charger. Vbus hot, single Rp bridged CC. Do not buy.
(Reposted due to album error.)

Note: I lack advanced LCR equipment or QC 3.0 devices compared to professionals, so I can only examine the basics of this adapter. However as evidenced in the above Amazon review, this shows examples of "bad behavior".

This charger is the third iteration by Tronsmart. Previous models place QC 3.0 on the USB-C port, which is a violation of USB-C specs. Other models supply 2.4A, when the standards call for 1.5A or 3.0A. (2.4A would only be possible through Apple-esque D+/D- manipulation in addition to a 1.5A CC Rp resistor... legal, but silly.)

I had hoped this was the One Charger To Rule Them All (N6P/N5X) and In the Darkness Bind Them (G5/HTC10, at least via a "legal" A-to-C cable.) 2 out of 3 isn't bad, right? Charger legal, Cable legal, Phone... not so much. Sadly, this is not the "Goldilocks" charger you are looking for.

[Plus] Analyses Tronsmart W2TPU
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