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My second #USB   #TypeC analysis is a product I had high hopes for, that were dashed: the Tronsmart 33W Dual USB Wall Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 [Model W2PTU].
tl;dr: Bad charger. Vbus hot, single Rp bridged CC. Do not buy.
(Reposted due to album error.)

Note: I lack advanced LCR equipment or QC 3.0 devices compared to professionals, so I can only examine the basics of this adapter. However as evidenced in the above Amazon review, this shows examples of "bad behavior".

This charger is the third iteration by Tronsmart. Previous models place QC 3.0 on the USB-C port, which is a violation of USB-C specs. Other models supply 2.4A, when the standards call for 1.5A or 3.0A. (2.4A would only be possible through Apple-esque D+/D- manipulation in addition to a 1.5A CC Rp resistor... legal, but silly.)

I had hoped this was the One Charger To Rule Them All (N6P/N5X) and In the Darkness Bind Them (G5/HTC10, at least via a "legal" A-to-C cable.) 2 out of 3 isn't bad, right? Charger legal, Cable legal, Phone... not so much. Sadly, this is not the "Goldilocks" charger you are looking for.

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+Deviantartjr Henz I don't know what model that is, unfortunately. I can't find it on Google either.

Also, I'm just one nerd sitting behind a desk so I can only do really basic tests. Ideally you should see how I am testing, and see if you can't learn how to copy the experiment. Best if people learn electronics from this, rather than product reviews!
I currently use this charger as my daily charger for my 6p and Android tablet. I'm wondering would there be any damage to my battery? And if there is another charger with both c and a ports you would recommend?
I use one of the older models with the QC3.0 on a USB-C port along with a Tronsmart C-to-C cable. As of the latest over the air update(via Sprint) neither device detects Fast/Quick charging on my LG G5. I'm wondering if Android, Qualcomm, or LG are making software changes to prevent connecting fault hardware?

(Honestly I haven't been aware of your reviews until this has happened but will be using them for future shopping recommends)
+Jesus Novoa​ That is very interesting. I wish I could investigate. Have you tried different cables, rebooting into Safe Mode, or clearing your device cache?
+Jesus Novoa​ First, check Google Dashboard to see if you have cloud backups. If so, please save them! There is a link. Second, can you link me the Tronsmart cable on Amazon? I will add it to my Amazon Wishlist of "Things to look at later." Feel free to pseudoanonymously donate supplies to test there.

I have a contact at Tronsmart and can refer this to him. However I can't test personally as I have a Nexus 6P not G5.
+Jesus Novoa Is the USB A-to-C cable that comes with the G5 USB3.1? If so, it may POSSIBLY be eMarked. Or the phone may be checking for a properly connected USB3.1 A-to-C cord. I need to acquire one (G5 + included cords/charger) to test it thoroughly.
+Nathan K. I actually stumbled upon an old Anker QC 2.0 charger and used that with the LG OEM cable and it recognized it as a "Fast charging" device. I've been currently emailing +Tronsmart support on the matter. They requested I photo or video sample of this issue.
+Jesus Novoa​​ without analyzing those chargers I can't say what the cause is. Qualcomm Quickcharge is a whole nother can of brands with its own proprietary protocol, and testing methods, so I can't help at all. That's what Qualcomm's certification process is for, since their method is so complex.

Are the data+/- lines bridged on the Tronsmart? What about the Anker? That signals BC1.2 charging, and may or may not be necessary for the phone to Quickcharge. It is mandatory for them to be connected to the charger and have special resistor values to ground and 5v.
+Nathan K. That goes a little out of my skill set, but might explore once I've resolved my issues with Tronsmart. If Tronsmart indeed sends me replacement pieces, I can gladly send you anything that gets replaced for your own documentation. 
+Nathan K. How bad is the older W2PTE charger (the one in your pics is W2PTU)? I have 2 of them and been using them with the Nexus 6p and the phone says "Charging Rapidly". I don't have any Quick Charge 3.0 devices.
+Dan Malene​ It violates the spec, two separate ways. I would not plug it into a brand new $800 phone! Stick with Google OEM.
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