[Attack of the Cables!] 16th #USB #TypeC analysis: j5create 3.1Gen2 100W USB-IF Certified eMarked C-C cable. [Model JUCX01-1A]
tl;dr: GOOD. "Hi, my name is Nathan K. and this is my favourite cable on the Citadel." Properly eMarked 5A, USB-IF certified, excellent IR drop, individually serialized, cheap. (Am I missing something??)


[PDF of Cable Checklist for j5create JUCX01-1A]
(These analyses will be a lot shorter, and rapid-fire. READ THE PDF.)

This cable is the best cable I've analyzed yet. It's 5A/100W capable, eMarked and all the fields are filled out properly, USB-IF certified and listed. It's also flexible/pliable, and cheap. Some manufacturers think "people will like it bulky" or "bulky means quality". Not so, as this cable demonstrates. (I'm looking at you, Scosche.)

Most astoundingly the IR drop is better than every other cable on the market. Even the USB2.0 ones. The manufacturer apparently used a coaxial cable design with a single large conductor on the outside.


Unless there's something really wacky that I'm not catching, like it degrades the USB3.1Gen2 signals or something, this cable is THE cable you want. Hands down.

Details/proof in the PDF report.
[Plus] Analyses j5create JUCX01-1A
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