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*Warning: do not use the +RAVPower [RP-PC018] #USB #TypeC 30w AC wall wart that is included with the 26800aH [RP-PB058-2] battery pack. ¹Don't use the [RP-PC017K] 36 AC wall charger either.*

+Benson Leung has determined that the charger misrepresents its electronic capabilities, just like the +RAVPower [RP-PC017K]¹ AC adapter before it. It pretends it can deliver 45W (15v@3a, 20v@2.25a) when it is only capable of 30W (15v@2a, 20v@1.5a).

As a result, if any device "takes it up on its offer" the charger will brownout, overheat, and voltage will sag to unsafe levels. This may potentially damage or destroy any attached USB-C device or the charger iteslf. This is a very major concern especially since it is intended for a 26.8Ah 5v lithium battery pack containing over 360 kilojoules of energy. (Hint: Google the energy density of trinitrotoluene.)

Expect a post shortly from Benson discussing the technical details. For the moment, if you have a RavPower 30w [RP-PC018] or 36w [RP-PC017K] AC charger, please discontinue using it at your first convenience. It will not spontaneously combust or anything like that, but it will cause BIG problems if you plug something like a laptop into it.

An incredible thank-you to Benson for going above and beyond the call of duty, putting his own personal laptop on the line, and getting the battery same-day'd to help protect users. This is even more important since many people were planning to use this battery back with their #madebygoogle Pixel phone!

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andy o
oh man these companies just can't get it right, huh? Do you think it's just laziness, or something else like they just don't care? One would think by now, especially these brands that have been around for a while (+Anker​, +Choetech Official+RAVPower​, +Tron Smart​), would have it nailed.
+andy o​​ Per advice from those more knowledgeable than I, far more likely they are only testing with a few consumer products (Apple Macbooks, for example) rather than doing the proper engineering tests (+GTrusted​).

Personally I don't see how that happens. IC vendors like +Cypress Semiconductor Corporation​​ and +Texas Instruments​​ make reference designs available and do all that heavy lifting. Maybe these manufacturers are thinking nobody will notice, or don't understand the implications.
+Nathan K. what should I be looking for in a slower charger for my bedside (since I don't need rapid charging overnight and want to minimise heat/wear)? I'm looking at the Spreadsheet that was linked on /r/googlepixel but I'm getting confused by the ratings.
+Graham Bae There is no practical reason to limit the charge speed. Google's engineers have already addressed all that. If you are concerned about battery wear, you should instead charge your phone frequently to keep it between 30-80% charge. Don't store it in a hot location, don't deplete the battery fully.

The Pixel has the proper logic to limit itself as necessary. Please use it with the adapter it is included with normally, and you will have plenty of service lifetime.

If you intentionally want to limit charging speed despite my advice, simply use the Pixel with the A-to-C cord it comes with. Then use any one of your existing Type-A chargers. The Pixel will be restricted to 1.5A/7.5W.
Great, thanks for the thorough answer.
I bought one of those batteries and it didn't come with a wall plug. Guess I dodged a bullet there. Has anyone tested the battery itself? When it claimed to be USB-C PD and didn't have QuickCharge on the C port I trusted that it would be compliant with the spec.

+James Wood-Wheeler​​​​ You'd have to ask +Benson Leung​​​​ if the battery itself is working OK. He briefly examined the USB-PD traffic, and found the PDOs it advertises do not line up with what is printed on the side. However, upon first glance they seem OK, limited to 30w as described. (Details in spreadsheet.)

If he is willing later, I can take my equipment and test it. But he seems very busy with the impending launches and has his day job to do. He did us all a huge favor by ordering this himself on the spur of the moment. Superman doesn't get weekends off it seems! :)
Is the battery pack itself okay to use with Pixel phones?
+Nathan K. I have been looking for a multiport usb-c charger for my Acer Switch Alpha (it has a 20v ac port as well as a usb-c) with no luck so far. I tried RavPower 36W, Anker 5-port 60W, iVoler 75W, all of them connects and disconnects every second. The ones that work are Targus 45w and Apple 29w usb-c chargers. But none is multi-port.
What do you think the reason is? Thanks!
+xiaowei tan​ probably the hard reset problem documented by +GTrusted​ here: possibly the result of using an off-list USB-PD controller chip, or more likely, poor USB-PD logic on one or both devices. (I saw the name of it one place, but can't find there link.) - - GTrusted
Hey Nathan, I was the guy on reddit who bought this for my pixel. I've been talking with customer support regarding the charger. Do you have the USB PD readout I could send them?
It was the RP-PC018 that came with the battery pack, so I'll wait until Benson makes his post. Thanks!
Have you or +Benson Leung found a battery pack that is safe to use with the Pixel phones yet? As great as the battery life is on my phone I like to have a batter pack for traveling. 
+Warren M​​ Many are safe. (Type-A included.) But few are WELL DESIGNED. Fewer still capable of 18w raid charging. Where do we draw the line?

Benson is super-busy with work. I've been meaning to ask after the battery pack but he needs some time. He has a day job!
+Nathan K. I just hadn't heard anything about them. I'm personally going to wait for one that is well designed and supports18w PD. Google's engineering department should looks into making an official battery pack around 25000 mAh to sell with the other Pixel Accessories ;)
+Nathan K. I just got the RP-PB058 and immediately threw away the wart. I think I will just charge my Pixel on the A ports until Benson gets some time to test the battery. (Thanks to you both for all the good you are doing for the community) +Benson Leung

+Nathan K. I did a quick test on the RP-PB058, use test, not engineering test.  Results were: USB "Smart" A ports result in the pixel reporting "charging" (Google OEM A-C cable), using the Google OEM C-C cable to the C port on the RP-PB058 results in "Slowly Charging".  Ironic.
+Daniel Villafranca Thanks for that report. ARGH, I wish I had one of these to test. It's a mad world when you can't even trust the text on the side of the package. :(
+Nathan K. Did you want me to send you mine for testing? I'll just need it back before November 20th as I bought it for an overseas trip. 
+Matt Gross​​​​ No, thank you for the offer though. I'm just bellyaching because 90% of these problems could have been caught immediately at the design phase. But here we are, broke and sitting in my garage learning from helpful users like you that major corporations didn't do their homework. :/ Argh.

Like this Microsoft Dock. I'm looking at the manufacturing date printed on the side: June 30, 2016. Meaning it was made well after the standard was declared, and they would have known it was bad. Jeez.
+Matt Gross
 Does your battery just say RP-PB058, or does it state RP-PB058-2 (like on amazon, but i did not get the -2)
Also, was it the Google C-C cable?
+Bryan Herskovits I just sent an email to Kanex asking if +Benson Leung or myself might be able to receive a review unit. I feel awkward having it so highly recommended based solely on secondary sources (no offense +Glenn Fleishman!).

Inquiry has been sent!
Please allow 24 business hours for a response.

Message ID: 00Q6100000IdB2MEAV
Any luck? I haven't even received a courtesy email response :(
That's disappointing ... Not for you guys, just for their brand. Thx. 
+Bryan Herskovits​ How so? They ignored two web comment forms. That doesn't reflect on the entire brand. Only their support staff. I could also say it means there aren't paying attention to the USB Type-C ecosystem, or they'd know who was messaging them, but that would be conceited of me.
Yah... I just expect brands to reply to customers / potential customers. I don't mean that they make a bad product, it's just not a company i'd choose to do business with 
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