*Warning: do not use the +RAVPower [RP-PC018] #USB #TypeC 30w AC wall wart that is included with the 26800aH [RP-PB058-2] battery pack. ¹Don't use the [RP-PC017K] 36 AC wall charger either.*


+Benson Leung has determined that the charger misrepresents its electronic capabilities, just like the +RAVPower [RP-PC017K]¹ AC adapter before it. It pretends it can deliver 45W (15v@3a, 20v@2.25a) when it is only capable of 30W (15v@2a, 20v@1.5a).

As a result, if any device "takes it up on its offer" the charger will brownout, overheat, and voltage will sag to unsafe levels. This may potentially damage or destroy any attached USB-C device or the charger iteslf. This is a very major concern especially since it is intended for a 26.8Ah 5v lithium battery pack containing over 360 kilojoules of energy. (Hint: Google the energy density of trinitrotoluene.)

Expect a post shortly from Benson discussing the technical details. For the moment, if you have a RavPower 30w [RP-PC018] or 36w [RP-PC017K] AC charger, please discontinue using it at your first convenience. It will not spontaneously combust or anything like that, but it will cause BIG problems if you plug something like a laptop into it.

An incredible thank-you to Benson for going above and beyond the call of duty, putting his own personal laptop on the line, and getting the battery same-day'd to help protect users. This is even more important since many people were planning to use this battery back with their #madebygoogle Pixel phone!

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