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21st #USB #TypeC analysis is my first PowerDelivery 2.0 supply tested: the dodocool 30W with USB-PD (5/9/15/20). [Model DA66WUS]
tl;dr: Works great! Power Rules compliant! This is now my recommended Type-C charger. But (optional) 20 volt profile is a bit glitchy at times.

[PDF of Compliance Checklist for dodocool DA66WUS]

This is actually a pretty darn good charger! It is now my go-to recommendation, above even the Google 22.5W. This is half the cost, supplies USB-PD (so you can even charge your laptop), and additionally supports IR Drop Compensation!

"IR Drop compensation" is GREAT! It means the charger boosts voltage to output a flat 5.00V at load. This means USB-C noncompliant devices like the Nexus 6P which require >4.95v to charge, function perfectly fine.

The cord that is included with it isn't amazing -- it's a regular USB 2.0 C-C that has a rather high IR drop -- but considering the price it's hard to argue. Also, the fit and finish of the packaging/box is excellent.

The biggest complaint I have is that it doesn't properly advertise the 20v PDO (Power Delivery Object) in the USB-PD communications. It suffers from a "Split PDO" issue, which is described by +GTrusted in their article below. It seems to predominantly affect certain chipsets. (Like the one Anker/iVoler uses.)

This means it advertises different voltages at different times, and may cause problems. (For example, my Twinkie couldn't trigger the 20v object, so I couldn't run any 20v tests.) I've also read reports it MAY have issues with Apple passthrough-charging hubs. I need to test this more.

However +Benson Leung  has confirmed it works perfectly fine on a Dell laptop/Chromebook Pixel at 20V. So just keep that in mind when buying it.

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+Fida Mehran​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ As long as you don't tell Google/Huawei/LG (they'll possibly claim you're voiding your warranty), yes. Magnuson-Moss means them doing that is technically illegal.

(Companies aren't allowed to say "use only our brand cables/chargers or we'll void your warranty". If something happens, they have to prove what you did directly caused it to do that.)
I'm glad to see a few more compliant cables and chargers being made available. I hope to see multi-port chargers reach maturity sometime soon.
Yeah, really hoping for something like this that adds a second USB-C 5V/3A connector for my phone sometime in the very near future.
Is the cord fine to use as well with the Nexus phones?
+Jesse Jaura Seems to be. IR drop makes it slightly worse than OEM. Note that in the manual, dodocool says "Use a dodocool cable, your device's original cable or a certified one". So even they are trying to play it safe.
+Nathan K.​ I have ordered dodocool charger for my nexus 6p as a spare. Can I use Anker's PowerLine USB-C to USB-C 2.0 6ft cable with this charger for my 6p. The cable description does say that it fully supports PD. Also the IR compensation by the charger will suffice the cable length I suppose. But I need an expert's advice 
+Tabish Khattak​​ That combination seems to work fine. Please remember the Dodocool comes with a cable, you might not need a third (Anker) one. I say this because of eWaste concerns. Also, I strongly recommend a 5a/100w USB3.1Gen2 USB-IF certified cable instead like the J5create JUCX01, Scosche CC3G23. It will be the only "spare" cord you will ever need.
Hi Sir, thanks for your review of our dodocool USB C charger

+Jovial Young​ Are you an engineer with Dodocool? There is a problem with it that I've been meaning to discuss with you. But your contact did not reply to my emails.
+Nathan K.​ What sort of problem. Is it serious. Because I have ordered this one for my nexus 6p. 
+Tabish Khattak​ It lacks legacy D+/D- signaling and therefore won't charge iPads, microB devices, etc.
Well +Nathan K.​ I am not that technical. Can you kindly tell me that is the charger safe for my nexus 6p?
Also can I charge other USB C Android phone like the HTC and future Samsung phones.
Also I don't own any iPad or Mac. So I don't care if it won't charge them. 
dodocool DA66WUS + HooToo hub (HT-UC001) + macbook 12" 2016 = power loop on/off

PD pass through doesn't work with the dodocool, assuming it's the PDO split issue, but when using my N6P charger it works fine. 
+Vick Lee Unfortunately without more information I can't say why this is happening. I'd need to debug the traffic to find out what it at fault.
Having read all this, including Nathan's spreadsheet related to charges and cables I still wold like to get confirmation that this dododcool 30w charger with it's delivered c-c cable is safe with my LG G5. Also is this cable safe as i didn't see that it has 56 ohm resistor.
+Zoran Skulic Plain-jane C-to-C cables should NOT have any resistor in them. I would not use the cable this comes with out of due diligence.
Thanks Nathan - so recommendation is to buy separate cable to use with this charger and again is this charger safe to use with lg g5?
+Zoran Skulic​​ please see +GTrusted​​​'s article below where they test just this: the Anker Powerport 5+ is the closest mechanically.

Based on that data I'd retract my recommendation for this charger WITH THE LG G5 ONLY. It's clear LG did not do a proper job implementing USB-PD.
+Zoran Skulic based on this one review of the LG G5 with an Innergie charger, I can say with almost 100% certainty the LG has defective firmware and therefore I cannot honestly state which chargers it works with. Innergie is Delta Electronics, a world leader in Power Supplies. If there is a problem with the relationship, it's LIKELY not in the Innergie half!
Interestingly enough is that besides my original charger, my older Belkin F7C008 Conserve Valet with max output at 5V has 2Amp max is charging pretty fast my LG g5. 
+Nathan K. I read your spreadsheet for recommended chargers and cables, and this Dodocool charger seems like your "bang for the buck" recommendation. What I haven't found is the information on why the cable is considered "iffy." What is iffy about it? Should it not be used to charge the Pixel XL? Thanks.
+Luke Hagenbach​ It suffers from "Split PDO" advertisements, but at 20v which is an optional level anyway. It also lacks legacy D+/D- encoding, meaning it won't charge microB or Lightning devices properly.
Got it. I thought that had to do with the charger itself, not the cable.
+Luke Hagenbach​​ It does have to do with the charger. It's like having a super fancy laptop, but then trying to email your grandma -- who only uses pen and paper. You need a printer as backup to communicate. This charger (and the Anker PP+5) lacks that.

You could use a remailing service (prints out your emails and transcribes them), but it would be expensive, and convoluted. This is the equivalent of using a "special cable". (Possible, but not recommended.)
Understood. My question was in regards to you stating that you thought the supplied c to c cable was "iffy."
+Luke Hagenbach Yes, the included cable is iffy. The one that came with mine seemed OK. But apparently other people weren't so lucky. "When in doubt, throw it out."
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