24th #USB #TypeC analysis is the +Anker​ PowerPort+ 24W Quick Charge 3.0 USB Type-C & PowerIQ Wall Charger. [Model A2012111.]
tl;dr: I cannot analyze this. Noncompliant by nature. Included USB2.0 C-C cable seems fine.

I generated a report/data for this, but I cannot endorse a noncompliant product. It would be like playing a game of chicken of "how unsafe is safe". Please see my recent video.

I will say (1) it lacks IR drop compensation, the voltage sags at load [not-great] and (2) I can actually crash and reboot the charger using my QC trigger boards below 5v [really not good]. That's a first.

The cable included with it seems on par with the A8181011 I analyzed in my 22nd eval. It's a plain jane USB2.0 cord with no circuitry or anything special in it.


In summary I'd say if you are using this charger, you've got the wrong phone in the first place.

[Plus] Analyses Anker A2012111
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