To help people with the #madebygoogle Pixel phone launch, I've published an easy-to-read, "suggested #USB #TypeC peripherals" list using data +Benson Leung and myself have come up with.

Chargers, car adapters, cables, and batteries are now all included in one place with colored rankings from +3 (should work great with the Pixel) to -3 (will cause hardware damage). I'm a +Google Top Contributor Program volunteer for Pixel and Nexus devices, so this makes it doubly relevant.

Disclaimer: These ratings are Pixel-phone centric, and I take some personal liberties in the relative rankings. But this is advice I'd be comfortable giving friends based on the repute of the vendor, previous experience with similar products, correspondence with the manufacturer, advice from Benson, etc.

Dynamic HTML publishing page:

Google Docs version (view-only link):

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