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Why we must read old books - especially biographies
Biographies: the bad and the ugly If I had a dollar for every disappointing biography I have read, I'd be a millionaire! Here are the causes of the bad and the ugly.... (1) Some are just too long If Matthew's biography of the perfect immortal Son of God con...

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Arguing with God in Prayer?
Our prayers are too lame! Compared to the psalms, our prayers are pretty dull and lifeless affairs! "Help Lord!" (Psalm 12:1), "Why do you stand afar off? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?" (Psalm 10:1) are more the urgent substance of psalmist'...

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Where is your faith really placed?
The temptation to run away "Flee like a bird" Psalm 11 addresses a common human problem  - the temptation to run away from problems - and in particular, to escape in our own particular way "flee like a bird to your mountain ." We all run away in different w...

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Miracles and Science
Can miracles take place? A common western objection to
Christianity is that it is founded on a miracle - the supernatural Resurrection
of Jesus from the dead. This miracle is crucial to the Christian faith, so much
so that if Christ had not been raised then...

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Is there a time to STOP Praying!
  "Jesus prayed three times" In Matthew's Gospel we read that Jesus prayed in the Garden three times, on 
each occasion wrestling with God's will for him, "My Father, if it is
possible, may this cup (of suffering) be taken from me. Yet not as I
will, but ...

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The Power of Roots - a film review of "Lion"
Film Review - "Lion" The choice was between La La Land or Lion . A film based on a real life story always wins the day for me, unromantic as that may be! Unfortunately the title "Lion" gives you no insight into the film - and indeed could put some people of...

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The Infinite Gap - a book review
Reading for Genesis Preachers need to read around a subject and strive to understand the thinking of the world their flock are exposed to. Hence as part of my preparation for sermons in Genesis, I read a book which is in tune with the spirit of the age whic...

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A Wonderful Day Spent in Cambridge
A pretty ordinary city Those who read this blog know I have no time for the arrogance of education or its institutions, so a visit to Cambridge University (Hughes Hall, a college of the famed university) was not the reason for a wonderful day spent in Cambr...

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Film Review - The Light Between Oceans
  Our messy lives For my wife's birthday, we went to see the 2016 film, "The Light Between
Oceans." Rotten Tomatoes only gives it a 59% rating (compared for
example with 82% for another 2016 film, The Revenant .) It's about
Tom, who trying to forget the ...

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The (spiritual) gift of leadership - do you have it?
A vital gift According to Paul's letter to the Romans (chapter 12) leadership is a gift of God. Paul is not thinking here of the ordinary practise of human leadership, but the spiritual gift of leadership - which is very different from human leadership, or ...
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